Minox 35 ML vs. GT ?

Discussion in 'Minox' started by pc|1, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. hi Guys, at present i have/use a Minox 35 GT and an EL,and a
    friend is selling his ML for US$100. in excellent condition , just
    wanted to know if ML is better(electronics,lens sharpness,robust)
    than GT ,(i know this is a later model) and if this is a fair price
    for ML in excellent + condition w/ original leather case? also, what
    type of flash(model number),battery, does this use ? TIA , pc
  2. Paul, I own the EL, ML & GTE. Overall, I like the ML as a travel camera and it has
    excellent capabilities! At $100 it's a deal. Most all the 35mm flash units will work on
    it and the batteries are usually available at most of the usual discounters & camera
    stores. Some of the EL/GT lens filters will not fit the ML lens due to size differences,
    but ML hoods & extras are traded regularly on eBay.
  3. Paul, before MDC,35ML was the flagship of Minox 35mm line; ML has memory lock feature and Programmed mode P which none of the G series
    (including GT-E/GT-s ) has. ML is indeed a better camera.
  4. thanks so much Guys for the response and technical knowledge you've shared with me. Now , i definitely have to buy that ML . so Jeff & Martin, would the original flash(Minox FC 35) that i use with my EL and GT , be used on the ML ? thanks again , paul c.
  5. Just ab out any standard hot-shoe mount flash unit will work. I have used the FC35
    flash on it successfully. I have also the MT unit - bigger, more features, but a flash is
    a flash. :) I have also used older tiny manual flashes on the ML, no problems,
    except my own mistakes.
  6. Paul, Jeff is right, any hotshoe mount flash will work with Minox 35ML. I use Vivitar 285, Rollei 12BC, Rollei 100XLC, and Metz 20BC6
  7. oh ok , just wanted to be sure i don't fry the electronics on this little baby. thanks again , paul c.
  8. Martin - I just love that little Metz 20BC! What a super little flash for travel etc!
  9. Jeff, the Metz 20BC6 is my favourite flash, not to heavy and with enough juice, great for travel.
  10. hello again Jeff and Martin, am so excited ! my friend is arriving from the States in 2 days , and he's carrying the Minox ML that i bought already.what's that particular flash that you guys have/use ? and where can i buy one ? is it for the Minox 35 ?

    i was checking out the close up pic of the Minox ML and noticed that the top deck is almost flat compared to my EL and GT , which has a bit of a contour that kinda links the FC 35 flash perfect. so would the FC 35 flash be used with the ML too? TIA , pc
  11. is that Metz flash a new model? does it have a pc connecting cord too? ( so i can also use it on my old cameras ( Contessa , Vito B, Retina IIIc , IIa , etc.). sorry , too many questions. thanks ,paul c.
  12. The correct flash for the Minox 35ML is either the MF35, MF35SF or MT35.
    Minox flash units are contoured to the top of the camera. As you notice the ML (also MB and MDC) have a flatter top. You can use the ML flash units with the GL/GT etc as they fit and work.
    Most flash units have the body well above the hot shoe and therefore will also work equally well. The MT35 has a rotating reflector and can be used to bounce off a ceiling.
    The 35ML IS the Minox that has impressed me. I believe the GT-X, GT-S and GT-E II match it in image quality but do not exceed it. Having programme mode as well as variable aperture setting makes it the top model (MDC has click stops for aperture). However there is a distinction in handling and although it was a GT-E that got me to buy a Minox 35 the 35ML remains my preferred choice.
    35ML sell for 40EUROS (under $50). However in 20 cameras purchased I have had now 10 repaired and one has had to be returned twice. One is un-repairable as a replacement PCB is not available. It is also not the cheapest ones that fail. One I paid 110EURO for was dead on arrival. Repairs average at 35GBP+two lots of postage.
    Many of these cameras have not been used for some years and the contacts need cleaning and de-greased (sticky shutters). If in regular use I see no reason not to think they will carry on working perfectly.
    Flash units like the MF35ST sell for ?30 and Minox sell new MT35 from their web site as a bargain price (second hand with possible battery leak have sold for more on Ebay).
    Check out www.submin.com/35mm/collection/minox and manuals for all the flash units at www.submin.com/35mm/manuals/minox/
  13. Thanks for your reply GM, now everything's clear.Now i'm really excited to see/hold/shoot my newly acquired 35ML.

    It's great to hear from another experienced Minox 35 user , and thanks for explaining everything to me , also for the links you provided , great help . cheers ! pc
  14. Paul - Another really nice feature of the ML is the exposure lock on slight depression of the shutter button. This in combination with program mode make it very friendly to use.

    I bought a really mint boxed example of these earlier this year and recently took it on a walking holiday just as a light backup to a Leica M with a couple of lenses. After loading my bag on the first day and feeling the substantial weight of the Leica, I gave about two seconds thought to the hills I planned on climbing and out it came again to be replaced with the ML. To cut a long story short the Leica never saw the light of day and I used the ML very happily all week.

    It is a great little camera. So light and portable and gives really nice results too. Of course a Leica will outperform it with the right lenses (if you can be bothered carrying it all day). The ML just fits in your shirt/trouser pocket and is no bother at all.

    I think, if you get a good one you will be very pleased with it.
  15. hi Gadge, yep ! i got a really good one Ex+++ condition like it just got unwrapped from the box in the store,and it came with an original Minox leather case and is well protected against bumps.

    i'm really very happy with it ,altho i havent finished the B&W 36 shot roll i put in it(very busy with work, no time to walk around and shoot) i know i'll like the outcome of the negs. (i like the results i get on my EL and my GT ), i'm sure this will be a tad better , but this P mode gets me lazy to think now b4 i trip the shutter. happy Minox ML user ,, pc

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