Minox 35 GTE

Discussion in 'Minox' started by jack paradise, Mar 24, 1999.

  1. Technical specifications from the minox.com site for the Minox GT-X list both a manual (ISO 25 to ISO 1600) and a DX film setting (ISO 25 to ISO 3200). From what I've seen on this forum, the Minox GTX would only have a DX film setting ?


    Also is it possible to use different filters for b&w film with the Minox and how does the meter handle those if it's not a TTL meter ?
  2. GT-X /GT-S has only DX code, no manual setting,<p>When non-DX coded cassette is used,the camera automatically set to ISO 25<P>
    The meter sensor window is located at the rim of lens covered by the
    so if a filter is big enough to cover the lens, the meter should
    automatically measured the filtered light,

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