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  1. Hello,

    A few days ago my father handed me his old Minox 35 GT without telling me anything about it. He said he couldn't remember much, so I read the manual. And now I have discovered that my battery is out (which isn't surprising after all these years). I first thought it would be a piece of cake to get a new battery, but turns out that all the battery types that the old Minox manual suggests are illegal because of the mercury. Since I know little about batteries, can someone please suggest something? What should I buy?
    I've been looking around on the internett and see a lot of different combinations people do - some buy two smaller batteries and use them, while others buy four even smaller. The things is, though, I am such a novice when it comes to batteries that I don't think I could manage making my own combination. There are so many different types!
    Could someone tell me an easy way of sorting this out? What kind of batteries I need? I am so eager to try the damn thing!

    Thanks! :)
  2. (2) 3/n three volts each batteries can be stacked inside the battery housing, HOWEVER the inside of the housing must first be lined to prevent short circuit. this can be done with a sheet of thin plastic rolled like a cigarette and slid into the housing to protect the batteries from contacting the metal walls inside. You need not use glue as the sheet plastic is springy and tries to unwind. The plastic I used is what is found at the stationery department of your department/ Dollar store commonly used as a report folder. You could also stack (4) #357 batteries each 1.5 volt in the same fashion. Hope this helps!
  3. @paul wheatland
    Thanks for your response!
    But do you know anything about the S27PX and PX27A?
    I found a pretty cheap PX27A 6V (alkaline replacement) on ebay. It says that it can be used with the Minox GT. However, it doesn't say anything about my specific model, 35 GT, so I thought I would ask someone, who seems to know a lot about the camera :)
    If not, I'll have to look into your method :)
  4. I stack (4) lr44 batteries in my EL. It works.
  5. Minox supplied 2 CR1/3N with their later cameras. No holder needed. They also sell PX27 and PX28 holders for the 35mm and 8x11 camera ranges.

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