Minolta's most popular/best selling lenses ?

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by bill_thorlin, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. Apropos of nothing at all except that I was tidying up the office/study this
    morning ( overdue ) and waiting for the latest downpour ( underdue ) to clear
    and got to thinking ( OK rambling ) what were the best selling Minolta lenses.

    This was triggered by the "deathbed confession" from Minolta that they had sold
    16 million lenses. Actually if this referred to AF lenses I am surprised that
    it was so few over some 21 years.

    What do you think was the best selling prime and the best selling zoom over the
    21 years ?

    Not your favourite lens ( we can go through that another day ) but the best
    selling. Based on I what I have seen used, for sale in camera shops and on good
    old fleabay I would suggest :-

    PRIME 50mm f1.7 ( maybe because it was the original "kit" lens ).

    ZOOM 70-210mm f4 ( beercan if you must ).
  2. It has got to be one of those other kit lenses - 35-80mm f3.5-5.6, if you take all of the versions together.

    Telephoto - there are a lot more 70-210mm f4.5-5.6 lenses out there than the beercan.

  3. i agree with chad.

    zoom lens: most likely one of those kit lenses 35-80mm, 28-80mm something like that

    prime lens: 50mm, its the cheapest one out there and a lot of people prefer this angle of view as 'standard'...personally i prefer 35mm but i cant find one/they are probably too expensive.
  4. PRIME 50mm f1.7 I think (looks that way here in England at least)

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