Minolta XE-7 battery orientation

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by terence_spross|1, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. I need to know which way the small pastic cell holder is to be
    oriented. The only place the proper way to insert the S76 cells is
    printed on the black plastic holder. Unfortunatly the holder can be
    inserted either way.
  2. The small plastic cell holder should not be loose from the metal cap. It is fixed on my XE-7. That said, the positive side of the cells (+) go into the camera first. When the camera is in the normal position, the + would be "up", and the minus side (-) of the cells are toward the removable cap. I hope this is clear.

  3. Thanks so much!
    Also thanks to Mark Dunker in responce to H.D.Shin's March 2004 thread about which cells to buy.(S76)
    (Three camera stores and an email to Radio Shack's battery finder turned up no reference to which battery to use.)

    I had, of course, cleaned the contacts, but since the holder was loose didn't know which way to insert the cells.
    While I was posing this question - my son was experimenting with trying the batteries both ways - not a good idea. However, the tab at the bottom was bent down, so that may have saved a reverse connection. After I got your responce I found that the black holder just snaps into the cap - not obvious when first looking at it. Bent the tab back up.

    Anyway IT WORKS! This is why the camera was put away years ago- the mirror stayed up as the batteries grew weak- then the shutter jammed.
    After much tinkering the shutter unjammed and the camera could be used with the "X" setting on the shutter speed selector which is 1/60th.
    I puchased a service manual for the camera when it was jammed - but who knows where it is now.

    I really liked this camera and am glad I can use it again. Now works on all speeds.

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