Minolta XE-1 film not advancing

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  1. Got a problem with my new XE-1. Film advance lever works, charges the shutter and the shutter fires (in manual anyway - have an issue with the meter but that's for another day). But the film counter doesn't advance and the film spool doesn't move either.

    Weirdly, when I got the camera, the counter was at 36. It reset to "S" when I opened the camera back. The back couldn't be opened as the rewind knob was off. I removed the bottom cover, sprung the latch to open the back and reattached the knob.

    Before I did that, however, I used the multiple exposure switch just to see if it was working (it seemed to work fine and returned to it's start position by itself).

    So - any advice as to what might be wrong?

    It's as if the multiple exposure mechanism is somehow still engaged within the camera (though, as I say, the switch on the top plate is in its start position and returns there when I select it and wind on).
  2. Check the rewind button on the bottom of the camera to see if it's stuck in the up position

    Those buttons accuate a slide lock in the sprocket spindle that sometimes need a drop of oil to keep them moving freely
  3. Thanks for your help kmac.

    The rewind button is certainly in and neither using the film advance lever nor turning the spool by hand makes it pop back out. I'll take the bottom cover off and have a look. I think the multiple exposure mechanism also disengages the gears on the film spool by acting on a similar lever (the film advance nail cancellation). I suspect things may have just seized up.
  4. Yep - it's something to do with the multiple exposure mechanism. The film advance cancellation lever doesn't return on its own (even though the multiple exposure switch on the top plate returns when I wind on). Spring is intact, so possibly just seized somewhere. The connection to the switch on the top plate is intact as turning on the ME switch engages the cancellation lever. It just doesn't disengage by itself. Tried a bit of lighter fluid but no real difference. Luckily, the film rewind button is working fine. Now just need to figure out how to ensure the cancellation lever returns on its own (what's the point of having that feature if you can't use it!).
  5. Hi kamc

    It's under the bottom cover, at the end of the multiple exposure axis. upload_2018-8-8_17-16-12.png
  6. That's a good exploded view, we can talk in numbers now

    Firstly, 0170 (the longish lever pointed at one end, called a "pawl" in engineering terms) must be very free to move, and it's spring 3055 must provide tension for it

    Secondly, it's imperative for 3054 ("nail" apparently) does it's job properly. Somehow you've got to check it's operation in connection with 3070 lock plate, and 0170

    Thirdly, there are a lot of friction points in the whole mechanism. The problem could be nothing more than dried out lubrication. So a drop of oil here and there may just get it working properly again. But any springs will need to be checked for proper seating in their correct place. Flimsy items within the mechanism need to be checked for straightness or if they originally had a bend, the bend checked, estimating it's angle of course

    If you can't get to all the relevant parts, you could try dribbling some sewing machine oil under the film advance lever and wait till the oil runs down over the various parts. Do the same from the bottom if that's possible. Then work the multi exposure lever and film advance lever to see if things come good. But none if this will benefit if 3055 spring is not do it's job of tensioning 0170
  7. Thanks again kmac.

    Below is the description of the multiple exposure mechanism from the XE service manual. From here - http://www.suaudeau.eu/memo/manuels_rep/reflexes/minolta/xe_service_manual.pdf

    You're right and I think there might be two possible places that need checked. The first is the film advance cancellation spring (3055) to ensure it's correctly attached. The other is the multiple exposure operation lever (3059) - under the film advance lever (under the top plate). This is visible in your exploded diagram - the black/dark grey thing at the front left, from which the grey, rounded metal multiple exposure axis (3054) protrudes (downwards and with a couple of bends in it, just above the strap lug). Looks like the ME operation lever is screwed onto a brass post. Reading the manual, when the ME rewind plate (0314) is engaged and moves the ME lever (0350) back to its start position, it disengages the ME lever from the ME operation lever but there appears to be nothing else - other than the film advance cancellation spring - to act on the ME operation lever to move it back to it's start position. That little spring is being asked to do a lot of work, not only returning the film advance cancellation lever (0170) but also the ME axis, which runs from the base of the camera to the top, and which then moves the ME operation lever. Any stickiness between the ME operation lever and the brass post would make things a whole lot harder for the spring.

    I'll check the spring first. But I'll need to remove the top cover (film advance side) to check the ME operation lever. May be a few days before I can find time to do that but will let you know how I get on.

    Thanks - Ian


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