Minolta XD battery covers

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  1. Good morning all,
    I searched and found an old thread that touched on this and someone asked the same question but got no answer.

    Does anyone know where a fellow might find a replacement battery cover for an old XD-11. I'm thinking any XD model with work, but have had no luck finding one. Ebay searches find listing for XGs, any of the X series and all kinds of everything BUT XD covers.
    Anyone have a hidden site they can share to get a replacement? (Otherwise I guess I'll just keep checking the local pawn shops and perhaps get a "for parts only" body off the bay if I can for a reasonably small sum.(Right now that's about $22.))
  2. These questions always remind me of a friend of mine who drove an TR-3 sports car, after their time was past/passed. He had two, one that he drove and the other for spare parts.
    I suspect that even if you could find a replacement battery cover, it would not be cheaper than the "parts only" price you quote.
    Good luck, although persistence in searching over time on eBay will sometimes yield mysterious and eerie success. :)
  3. If it's any help, I can confirm that the cover from an X700 fits an XG7. I suspect that all those that use the same batteries will use the same battery cover, and if it's cheap enough I'd try an X.
  4. John Titterington should be able to help you.
  5. I just put a generic X series battery cover on my XD-5, worked like a champ. I find broken X series cameras at yard sales....cheep.
  6. Duh, I have two spares...If we can make contact, I'll mail one to you. I'm sending a PM to you.
  7. I have two Xs, a 370 and a 570. The battery covers work but don't screw down flush. I always use the auto winders so my long fingers aren't quite so cramped, otherwise that would work.
    Charles, thank you for the offer, so very much. But save them for the next guy with little hands. ;)
    JDM, think you are right.... just have to be on the look out for the parts cameras that I find cheap enough to purchase.
  8. You are correct James, the battery cover mounting flange of my XD-5 is much thinner than generic X cover. Oh well...
  9. There's an XD-5 on ebay (item number 322107387516) for $13.49. I needed a replacement battery cover for an X-370 a couple of weeks ago and found them on ebay, but they cost as much as a parts body, so I got a parts body (with an MD 50mm f/2) for just under $13.00!
  10. Andy - Yes, I saw that one, but also see "+$11.35 shipping".... needs to be more than a battery cover there that I need. I'll wait till that time comes, or perhaps, as I mentioned to Charles, if I find a black one for parts....I might consider converting mine from chrome.

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