Minolta X700 - Broken film advance mechanism

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  1. Yesterday I knocked over a stack of shelves, which my Minolta X700 was sat on top of. It suffered damaged to the film advance mechanism, the rest of the camera seems to be okay. I am new to film photography and am seeking repair advice, what parts I need etc... It seems the metal rod which connects the cap of film advance lever to the internal workings of the camera has snapped. The film still advances if I put the lever in the right place. So it seems this metal rod is my main issue. Hope someone can help!
    filmadvancelever.jpg camera broken.jpg
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    m42dave Dave E.

    It sounds like the film advance mechanism works OK. The retaining cap for the film advance lever screws in and it appears to have sheared off. You will need to remove the broken screw from the camera. If enough of it is protruding, it may be removable with a pair of needlenose pliers; otherwise, you may need to carefully drill or score a little groove into the broken screw head so that you can remove it (it unscrews counterclockwise). As far as replacing the cap, try eBay for parts or get one from another camera body. Hope this helps.
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  3. SCL


    If you can't find a substitute lever, they're an old camera and pretty inexpensive on Ebay if you search around.
  4. Echoing SCL, I just saw a number of them listed for as little as @ $70 on eBay. They're a bit more if you want a lens with a working body.
  5. Further echoing the above X-*00 Minoltas are still towards the 'disposable' price range.

    My week old (to me) X-700 and 35-70/3.5 cost £30. Not that much more than the £25 I’ll have spent on batteries, film, dev and scan just to get the first roll through it.

    Yes, that was a great deal, but IMHO those late MD Minoltas like the X–500 & 700 are probably among the best value film cameras out there right now.
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    m42dave Dave E.

    Buying another X-700 body is certainly an option, if you can avoid the ones with capacitor issues. If your body is in good working condition, then it still may be worth repairing it.

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