Minolta X570 Shutter Release on Rewind Issue

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by fromage, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. I recently got a hold of a super clean, almost unused Minolta X570, and because it was so cheap, I figured something was not working with it. New batteries and fired it up and the meter looked good. The shutter release isn't working and then I realized that the shutter would release when the film rewind lever was pulled then released. Never saw that one before.

    I found a repair guide for the X700 and it has a section in Troubleshooting that directly addresses this issue, but the scan looks like it was made with a potato, and it's unreadable, so here I am.

    The capacitor has been replaced, clean and new, so that's not the issue. No other guesses after that.

    Does anyone have any ideas what the cause of this issue is? The camera looks flawless, other than this issue. I'd love to get film back through this and do what it was made to do.

    Any help is appreciated,

  2. Nope. Fresh batteries, no hum, soft damper above the mirror, mirror is immaculate clean and fully functional, as are all of the shutter speed settings.

    The shutter release trigger is stuck in the depressed position (compared to my x700), and the shutter fires properly when the film advance is wound and released. Throttle is stuck wide open, so to speak. Everything else works flawlessly on the camera. I'm fairly handy with camera repairs and disassembly/assembly, but this one has me stumped.

    I may try to dig up a better copy of the repair manual tomorrow to see if I can find one more legible, unless anyone has other suggestions.
  3. It appears that the shutter release button is getting caught on something and when the film advance lever is actuated, the shutter release button is freed, bringing it back to it's proper position ready for firing again

    If it's an electronic shutter release, it's got a sticky switch under the release button. If it's a mechanical release, there is too much friction in the mechanism or something is getting caught temporarily until the film is advanced
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  4. I just compared the shutter release button to my X700 and it's definitely stuck in a depressed position. Now, to figure out if it's electric or mechanical and how to get at it.
  5. I think all the X series (X370, X570, X700) all had electronic releases. Mechanical pressure pushes the release to a point where it makes electrical contact if it's working correctly.

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