minolta x-700 problem

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  1. hello,
    i am attempting to find out what is wrong with my x-700. previously owned by
    my dad and now passed on to me.
    *i believe i have tripped the shutter and been able to foreward the film but
    cannot rember for sure.
    *i have changed the batteries and all internal led's seem to work fine. (do
    not fade and i can make it beep =D)

    there is now no film in it but i should have film in it tommorrow if i can load
    problem is: i cannot move the advance lever. i can only move it the fist 30
    degrees and then it stops. i cannot relase the shudder to attempt to then move
    the lever. since i cant move the lever i can't laod film and see if that
    changes anything.

    in my browsing i have come accross the capcitor problem and really hope that
    isnt what this is. but if it is it is.

    any help would be appreciated, and advice for how to go about fixing it
    whatever the problem may be

    thank you in advance

  2. 'there is now no film in it' - are you absolutely sure of that?

    It really sounds like the film has been exposed (ie at the end of the film) but has not been rewound. To rewind the film there is a small recessed button on the underside (under the grip if I recall correctly), pressing that releases the winding mechanism enabling the film to then be wound back into the cassette.

    If you are 100% sure there is no film in the camera, then opening the back may reset it. If you open the back when there is an un-rewound film in it, the film will be ruined - so maybe best to open in the dark (eg in a cupboard) just in case.
  3. I recommend that you hold in the film transport release lever on the bottom of the camera and then try moving the film advance lever. You'll probably hear a click as the clutch releases the advance. Then push the release lever in again and rewind the film before opening the back. This has worked for me a number of times when I tried to get too many frames out of a roll and got stuck at the end of the film. If this sequence doesn't release the advance lever you probably have a problem needing servicing.
  4. Another possibility: since you haven't used it in awhile, you may have forgotten that you have to have the camera "on" in order to trigger the shutter. Once you turn it on, and then trigger the shutter, the advance lever should turn past 30 deg. HTH
  5. absolutly sure the camera has no film. i have opened it up and experimented with the rewind magic button but havn't had any luck. also have been turning it on and on sound and havnt been haveing any luck.

    the number of frames is set to "s" on the camera and there is no red showing on the safe laod bar.

    trying to think of anythign else that might be helpfull...
    the self timer wont work because i can't trip the shutter...
    umm yea otehrwise everything seems to work fine. light meter wokrs and everything lights up properly. just the advance seems jammed and the shutter can't be tripped.

    thanx though!
  6. The only other things I can think of might be damaged shutter blades? or the mirror stuck in the 'up' position?

    Failing that it sounds like a repair to the transport mechanism may be required. I would take it to your local camera shop - there may be something simple we are missing, it's difficult to be sure at a distance.
  7. sigh, i guess i'll take it in. but anyone have anyother advice?
  8. I'm not certain that this is the answer for you, but its something to consider, none the less:

    The X-700's have a fairly common issue as they age. There is a capacitor inside, which simply gives out and must be replaced in order for the camera to function. If I remember correctly, it is directly related to the shutter release function.

    The replacement capacitor is cheap and the repair can be performed by any reputable camera shop that knows Minoltas. There are even instructions on the web on how to do it yourself. My 700 gave up the ghost too, but I just haven't had the confidence to attempt the repair. I came into another functioning 700, so the repair isn't vital right now.

    The X700 is by far my favorite manual camera and worth the repair cost. But, you have do make that choice yourself.

    Good Luck.

  9. I have two X-700 bodies and both are working. Both also had the diodes changed some years ago. At some point in the future this repair might not be as easy to do so I have working SRT-101 and STR-201 bodies. I also have several SRT bodies which are awaiting overhuals. An SRT body should be repairable for a long time.

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