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Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by jason_wilson, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. Hello, glad I found this place.
    I work for the public reations department at Middle georgia
    College. We have a box of old cameras and lenses and I would
    love to be able to use them if they are in working condition. I
    need to know if there is any way to view or get a copy of the
    Users manual for the following Minolta equipment:
    Minolta srT202 Camera
    MD Minolta Celtic Lens
    Minolta Auto Zoom Lens (no other info on piece)
    Minolta MC rokkor Wide Angle lens
    Please please please help me out with this. I'm itching to use a
    REAL camera instead of our cheap digital cams.
  2. Hey Jason, congratulations in your discovery of the SRT202. I can tell you that it is a nice camera and if you are lucky, it might just need a new battery for the meter.
    I am sure other users of this forum can suggest sites where the manuals can be found. I myself dont remember where I got a PDF file for my SRT101. If I remember I will let you know. I think the SRT202 is very similar to the SRT101. If you want, I could email a copy of my manual, although I am sure you will find the manual for the SRT202. As for the lens, even if your camera is not working, you can still use them with any other Manual Minolta SLR. It is a great system and you will find out in this forum that these cameras can take very good pictures and help you learning photography from the basics. If your SRT202 has problems due to inactivity, you still can get a second hand one in working order on EBAy for less than $50.
    Good luck and welcome to the Minolta fans forum.
  3. You can download the SRT-202 manual from the Minolta-USA website. For some strange reason, it's listed under Maxxuum SRT-202. Here's the link:


    I don't think you'll find the Celtic or Rokkor lens manuals online, but I'd mail you one for $5 postage/copying costs. In all honesty, though, you don't need a manual for the lenses. Just the camera.
  4. Thank you very much for your quick response. I really hope this
    one works, the school is taxing our budget right now so even $50
    could be turned down. Thanks for your help, Jason
  5. Free manual of Minolta !
    On ebay you can also find shop manual for arround 35$
    Good luck with you equipment!
    Minolta Celtic was entry level lens!
    You can do a lot of good picture with it !
  6. Since this thread was started, two things have happened...

    1 - I also got a used SRT202, and want a manual, but...

    2 - every link I find online is dead (Minolta no longer has PDF manuals on their website).

    Can somebody email me a PDF of the SRT202 manual? I'd sure appreciate it!


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