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  1. Where can you find the current selling price for a Minolta SR 2?

    I am also looking for the instruction manual and the repair/service manual for
    the Minolta SR 2. Can anyone help?
  2. Price $100-$128 but who can be certain and it depends upon condition. Try Butkus + manuals
  3. The SR-2 is relatively uncommon (now rare?) compared to the similar early type SR-1. Many have already been collected but do get sold occasionally via estate sales, etc. Collectors are, after all, really only 'temporary custodians'. I have been watching eBay for these early SR models over the last year or two and I have seen less SR-2 than I have fingers on my hands. I feel fortunate to have won an SR-2 body on eBay that was prism dented and in need of shutter work for around $50 shipped. The 2 recent ones I saw in nice condition that sold were around $200 & $265 shipped. McKeown's price guide indicates a $100-$150 range which is no longer realistic in my opinion. The early SR type lenses are also becoming quite collectible. The SR-1 operator manual should be quite similar to the rare SR-2 manual and relatively easy to locate. Watch eBay for SR series repair & operator manuals as they do come up now and then.
  4. The SR-2 is becoming rarer each year and the price is getting out of range of Mckeown everytime the do show up on auction site. Minolta did get it right on their first SLR and its a pleasure to use. I got mine in good shape, not mint for $135 along with 5 lenses 3 years ago. The SR-3 (SR-2 replacement with meter attachement) and SR-1(5 versions)along with SR-7 will complete your collection quite nicely. I would hold on to it a bit longer as older Minolta and Pentax are getting more collectible with each passing year.

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