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  1. Hi All,

    I have just aquired the beast and have no clue what is it. Well, I
    can see it has a mirror lock-up lever, it also makes that funny sound
    of a clock when you put it on 1/2 second exposure time, looks like a
    decent mechanical box for its times.

    What lenses shall I be looking for now? What else do I need to do or
    know? I never had an old camera. In fact, I did not own a single
    camera in more than a decade. I am clueless in regards to
    sericing/testing as well. I am in Portland, OR/USA metro area.

    Merci d'avance.
  2. For lots of info check the pages of the rokkor fan:) i.e. www.rokkorfiles.com

    Anyway, you can use most of the minolta manual focus lenses called MC and MD mount lenses, sometimes with the "rokkor" surname.
  3. Right. There is a wide selection of both the Minolta MD (more modern) and MC lenses available for this body. Everything from wide angle to long teles and zooms.

    In my opinion, this is fantastic glass and the full manual Minolta's are very pleasing to use. In fact, when I get in a rut I stash my digital and modern Nikon (film) SLR's and break out the old Minolta's. Right now, I'm shooting a cherry XD11 w/winder through various Rokkor/Minolta lenses. I especially love the MD tele Rokkor-X, 135mm 1: 3.5. An amazing lens with a built in hood and sweet optics. The Minolta lenses are rather affordable, and easy to find too. This is a great time to build an older 35mm Minolta outfit!

    As for service, I purchased (on eBay) a very nice SRT 101 from a guy that repaired/serviced Minolta manual SLR's, but lost his info when I changed systems. A bit of searching the database here should turn something up.
  4. I just bought one of these last night. And now a Photo.net thread. Nuts. ;-)

    I should have it in my hands next week. I'm going to use it as an all-
    mechanical backup for my X-700.

    I'll post some info about it to this thread once I receive it.

    Yuri, if you have questions about manual-focus Minolta gear, I suggest
    searching the Minolta forum for answers, and posting there if searching
    doesn't turn up what you need. There's not much on the SR-1s body, but tons
    on lenses and accessories.
  5. Thanks for the info.

    What would you recommend for the flash mount? Seems like some G-string or was that G-bracket is in order.

  6. The Minolta SR-1s is a swell mechanical camera and I owned on in the late 70s. The mirror lock-up makes the SR-1s quite desireable for low-light shooting.

    The SR-1s is from 1967. As such, most of the SR-1s I've dealt with for my store have needed to be cleaned, lubed and adjusted before being sold.
  7. Privyet, Yuri. You may just need to clean it a bit and replace the light seals. If you need some, please let me know. I can send you a nice kit for $6 total that will have what you'll need plus some instructions. Just click on my name if you want to e:mail, or go to E-Bay and search "by seller." Enter my ID...Interslice...and voila'.
    Do svidaniya, droog!

  8. Hi Yuri,
    You will be pleased to know that I have recently uploaded an extensive page on the Minolta SR series that can be accessed here. This includes a Minolta marketing brochure on the SR-1 (Model V) which differs from yours only in the top speed, which on the SR-1s became 1/1000 sec (previously 1/500). The information on this page has been confirmed after perusal by several acknowledged Minolta authorities, and should provide you with what you need.
  9. I received my SR-1s yesterday. Ah, giant auction sites! For $42 shipped, I got
    exactly what I deserved:
    (1) SR-1s body w/ cap. One corner ding, melted foam, dirty viewfinder and
    mirror, shutter works but seems uniformly slow across the range. Otherwise
    great. ;-)
    <br>(2) MC W Rokkor-SG 28mm f/3.5 lens, with hood and caps. With an
    external cleaning, perfect.
    <br>(3) 55mm Canon linear polarizer. Filthy, but the kind of filthy that can be
    <br>(4) MC Rokkor-PF 55mm f/1.7 lens, with caps. Seems great at
    armslength...but look closer, and it looks like someone tried to clean the front
    element with steel wool.
    <br>(5) Minolta Angle Finder V. With an external cleaning, perfect.
    So it looks like I have myself a winter/beach/etc. beater camera setup--except
    for the angle finder, which goes in my regular bag.
    Once I clean the body up I can post more notes on handling, etc. For now, I'll
    just say it feels like an SRT. Slightly shorter, slightly thicker, but otherwise
    very similar.
    The SR-1s body doesn't have depth-of-field preview, but I seem to have
    collected quite a few MC (and even Auto Rokkor) lenses that have their own
    diaphram activation switches.
    I can confirm that you cannot select the minimum (f/16, f/22, ...) aperture of MD
    lenses when mounted to the SR-1s.

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