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  1. I have a Minolta Dimage Scan Multi with the dreaded flashing red light.
    By substitution it turned out to be a defective lamp, so I ordered some 120 mm long, 3 mm diameter CCFL tubes from lcd-chip.com.
    I replaced the old tube, turned the scanner on, the tube lit but after 2 seconds the red light flashed and the tube went out.
    After some experimentation I found that you don't get the red light with no tube connected, so I thought it might be detecting excessive tube current. I put a 22 kOhm resistor in series with the lamp and the scanner behaved normally.
    Although the light from the new tube looks bluer a comparison with a scan from the old tube didn't look that much different.
    I haven't worked out what the green LED in the FL-100 assembly is for. I thought maybe it was acting as a photodiode for brightness feedback. During operation, however, it's forward biased and glows green.
    So now I have a few spare CCFL tubes that will fit the Scan Multi I and II. If anybody wants one, let me know. I can rebuild FL-100 lamp assemblies too. I'm in the UK.
    It's a great scanner, and it can be made to work with Windows 7 and 10 too.
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  2. Sorry I have no answers, but thanks for the info-my ScanMulti II occasionally has the dread flashing light, but has managed to recover after a few tries.
    I am intrigued that you've managed to get it running on Windows 7/10 - can you give a hint as to how you did this?
  3. Sorry I haven't replied earlier. I don't check my posts very often.
    Go to http://karasevstudio.com/resources/3rd_party/Minolta/DiMAGE_Scan_Elite_5400_II/
    and download the file sonyscanners.inf.

    Right click on it and pick Install.
    Next time you start up Windows 7 and 10 should recognise the scanner.
  4. Hi Henry,

    I have a minolta multi pro scanner and it just got the blinking red light issue, and I am very interested in your CCFL tubes and would like to buy one, and I might need your help/instructions to install it. By the way, I am based in Kent UK. My contact number 07904843449


  5. do you still have any of those lamps ?
  6. Yes I do. Would you like one?
  7. pb


    I just opened up my FL-100 assembly and measured the CCFL with a micrometer. The length measured as 123 mm not 120.
    I am ordering a couple from a US retail firm online and will report how / if they work.
  8. Do you have a tube that will work for a Minolta Multi Pro? I'd ship it to you to have it repaired. Thanks!
  9. pb


    I received my ccfl lamps yesterday. To my surprise they are actually 3 mm longer than the one in the scanner, so 120 mm length is correct. It does however just fit in the FL-100 assembly.
    After swapping the tube the red light is still flashing.
    Henry(UK) could you advise how you placed the resistor?
  10. pb


    Just an update. I put a 22k Ohm 4 w resistor in line between the place where the ring connector on the grey power wire attaches to the fl-100 and the ring connector itself. It's the only place I could see it going in series as there is no room inside the fl-100 itself that I could see. (I'm not a technician).
    While holding the cover switch down with a screwdriver the bulb lit up momentarily but then the light on the front of the scanner switched to flashing red.

    Out of frustration I removed the resistor and reinstalled the old bulb. The scanner now works. Go figure.

    If anyone can repair these things and post a detailed "How To" it would be much appreciated.
  11. Hello,

    I have a problem with my Minolta Scan Multi I. The FL-100 light seems to work but I only get black images. I have not the blinking red light. Is it possible my FL-100 still needs to be repaired ?

    It also may be a communication with SCSI board, cable or other thing. I run under XP to get more compatibility.
    I have a lot of SCSI boards : 2904, 2930, 2940 and Tekram 315U.

    The 2nd problem I get is to use a correct Adaptec board to be recognized under Window$ 7x64 and 10 x64.
    I have Vuescan Pro and the correct Minolta software.

    Many thanks if you can help me to find what's wrong. I'm in Lyon, France.

  12. WJT

    WJT Moderator

    Hi Fabrice,
    I use the 2940 SCSI board with a PC running XP Pro and the Minolta scan software. This works fine. Make sure that your cable is okay and that you have the terminations set correctly. If you are unable to get the SCSI board working have you tried using a Firewire connection with the scanner? I have successfully used the Firewire connection with the scanner using a different PC running Win7. Try using only the default settings with the scan software.
  13. Hi,

    The Minolta Scan Multi is only SCSI, not firewire. I try to use an Adaptec 2906 and a DB25 cable. It's possible in the documentation. The scanner seems to be well recognized but I always get black scans. The CCFD tube is always on, I can see it.

    As I'm testing a Windows 10 x64 board & drivers, I do it also under Win 7 x64 but have exactly the same trouble.

    Seriously I don't know what's happened. Is the tube can be out of order and still light?
    Is there another well known problem on this scanner?

    All the leds are green, all seems working well but I can't get any picture. I tried Minolta scan & Vuescan software but both get me black pics.

    Seriously I'm about to get new CCFL tubes and resistance to rebuild the FL-100 but it may be another problem.

    I have 2 units Minolta F3000 with the same trouble.

    Any help can be great appreciated ;)


  14. WJT

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    My error, I thought you had the Multi Scan Pro. That unit does have the firewire.
  15. Hi Henry I try to find you on the web as I have some questions about Minolta Dimage Scan Multi I/II to ask you. If you read this, thanks to contact me directly or via this forum. Many thanks, regards, Fabrice

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