Minolta Scan Multi F-3000/Multi II F-3100 Masks Needed

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by Aoresteen, Sep 12, 2020.

  1. I have a Minolta Scan Multi II F-3100 that is missing the medium format masks (I have the MF holder 2883-242). These masks are no longer available. There is a gentleman (Gleb Shtengel) who makes replacement masks for the Nikon 8000/9000 out of 0.01" thick styrene & sells them on eBay. He says he can make masks for the Minolta scanner but needs an original set to copy. Once he has the measurements then anyone who needs them will be able to source them again.

    Service and Repair of Nikon Coolscan Scanners

    Replacement Mask Set for Nikon FH-869GR Glass Film Holder for 8000 /9000 scanner 18208091805 | eBay

    Does anyone have a set of medium format masks for the Minolta F-3000/F-3100 that would be willing to loan them to Gleb to be copied? Gleb lives in Virginia USA.

  2. Gleb Shtengel was able to locate a sent of masks to copy and made me a set!!! I can scan my MF film :) !

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