Minolta says streaks on scans are factory specification

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by jose_colucci, Aug 8, 2005.

  1. I've got a brand new Minolta SE 5400 II and after a few days
    learning how to use it I noticed fine streaks parallel to the
    longest dimension of the slide accross the scan. The streaks are
    visible at high magnifications before individual pixels become
    visible. The image looks as if it was printed on a textured canvas.

    On an IT8 slide it is more visible on darker colors. The streaks
    show up in VueScan or Minolta's own software, although they are more
    visible when VueScan is used. I also determined that the number of
    streaks accross the slide is the same regardless of scanning

    I sent the scanner to Minolta for repair (the 7-day refund policy
    from the store had expired) and added a CD with images showing the
    problem. I also added a perfectly good scan from the same slide from
    a Nikon 9000ED that I borrowed and used on the same computer.

    Minolta Service didn't do anything to the scanner claiming it was
    already adjusted to factory specifications. I received it back today
    with exactly the same problem.

    Apparently they don't see this as a defect. I am about to make a big
    fuss over it, but before I do that I would like to know if someone
    else has had the same problem with the 5400.

  2. I keep clicking "refresh" and I can't see the sample scan!<BR><BR>However when I tried GOOGLE search terms<BR><BR>Minolta SE 5400 II streaks<BR><BR> I got a page of hits.<BR><BR>hmm, wonderful thing, Google.<BR>
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    Jose, can you show us an example of what you are seeing. I have a Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro. I have had a scan or two show what you might be describing: one or two very thin single pixel streaks running lengthwise. I gently blew some canned air into the unit and reduced the ambient temperature to less than 80F. I have not seen the streaks since.<p>
    But if you have a continuing problem I would certainly recommend going higher up the chain of command. Regards.
  4. Jose,

    3 years ago I bought a Minolta Scan Dual (I think that is the name). I noticed that my scans had what seemed like a streak of "hot pixels". Basically one pixel-wide white line across the scan. I took it to the shop, tested it there, and got another scanner. This second one also had the same problem. I went through 4 scanners, all with the same problem, and then I bought the Nikon Coolscan IV. Best decision I ever made.

    The Coolscan has worked without problems for 3 years, and has already scanned thousands of slides.
  5. Ok I'm a bit of an ass however I expect people to report what google didn't offer them, and then we go to work. You still got your info here.
  6. Hey Jose, I suggest you return it because streaking is a common issue with Minolta scanners. Don't expect any service centre could fix it. Just get a Coolscan instead and spend your time on something better. My Elite has streaking on the blue channel due to some spots on the inner mirror, it's a pain in the axx to fix them in Photoshop for EVERY SINGLE SCAN. My next scanner will be a Coolscan, bye bye Minolta.
  7. Yes this is a common "feature" of the 5400. Some people get it worse than others, which means there is a big variation in quality between machines. This is a very bad sign of Minolta quality checks.

    The streaks on my 5400 were improved with the newest driver but still there. I was lucky enough to obtain a Photoshop plug-in that eliminated most the streaks which made the images workable. In the end I sold my 5400 as I got tired of all the messing about. It was such a stress releif. I have to say I'm surprised that 5400 II has the same problem. Thought one of the reasons for the new version was to eliminate such problems (silly me).

    Patrick - www.patrickperon.com/
  8. I don't (yet) have the streaking problem, but i am similarly 'disappointed' with Minolta. I have the SE 5400 (v1). The Minolta software was not working - could not find/recognize the scanner, although VueScan had no problems. When i finally called about it, Minolta told me there is a known issue with the scanner whereby the Minolta software will not function if there is another scanner (my flatbed Epson) simultaneously attached.

    I believe this is an issue with both Firewire and USB: if you have your scanner connected via Firewire, Minolta software won't work if another scanner is connected via Firewire....

    This problem exists for BOTH the 5400 v1 and v2. Minolta 'recommends' that you keep only one scanner plugged in at a time, and this, to them, seems like a reasonable operating process. Nevermind that the benefits of of the USB and Firewire protocols include the whole 'chaining' thing.... The rep/supervisor at Minolta was actually indignant and seemed bothered that i would even ask about this engineering flaw....

    So, yah, another situation where Minolta doesn't recognize an obvious design defect. I won't be purchasing or recommending their products any longer.
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    Return it. Minolta's techs are the last people you'd want to trust.
  10. My 5400 won't work if my flatbed is installed so now I have the flatbed on my other computer and all is well. Actually, it improved my workflow because I scan on one and work on PS on the other or do e-mail.

  11. So what was the photoshop plug in that gets rid of the streaks?

  12. I have been using 5400 II for more than 6 months and I don't have any problem. Looks I'm the lucky one.

  13. Thanks to all who replied. Ed Hamrick, the creator of VueScan, sent me a test version of VuesScan that tries to fix this problem. So far nothing worked. Apparently, this is a common with Minolta film scanners. I am not sure it is a software problem. The streaks show also when Minolta's own software is used. I called Minolta Service for the second time and they asked me to send the scanner back in for another "repair". They don't seem to realize that a photographer who buys a high-resolution film scanner is likely to be more critical of image quality than the point-and-shoot guy.
  14. Geoff,
    Here are the plugins. They remove lines that sometime appears on scans. It won't remove the kind of streaks in the example image Jose posted. The lines I'm talking about are usually single pixel in width and span the entire scan.
    Patrick - www.patrickperon.com/
  15. I use silverfast Ai and dimage software for minolta multi pro and there are no problems with single pixel streaks( microbanding). I have the problem with vuescan. The minolta fix plugin changes not only the streaks, but also other parts (mainly lines vertikal and diagonal) of the image.

  16. Thanks, Patrick, the plug-in you provided helped a lot. Sometimes it doesn't remove all the line, but it does minimize the problem.
  17. Hello I know this is an old topic but I have the same problem on my scan and I can't find the plugins you were mentionning, how are they called ? Thank you
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    Again, all but WJT gone for years.

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