Minolta MD 1.5x Tele-Converter?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by rdm, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. rdm


    I was wondering if Minolta ever made a 1.5x tele-converter for the Manual system (SR, MC, or MD).
    However, If they did not, what 3rd party brand was the best to get?.
  2. I think Minolta only made dedicated teleconverters in MD mount. Soligor made a 1.5 X converter back in the late 70's to early 80's that might fit the bill. I've owned since 1982 or so. You do need to stop down a bit for best results. It worked well with my Rokkor 250mm reflex to give an effective 375mm f8. I also used it with my MD 35-135 with good results. However, when used with my off brand 400mm f6.3 preset, it vignetted slightly.
  3. Kiron also made a 1.5X Match Mate. I have the Soligor 1.5X in one mount or another and I also have a Vivitar 1.5X somewhere. When it comes to teleconverters you have to try the different combinatins to see how well they work.
  4. I don't know about Minolta converters at all, but there are some quite decent older 1.5 to 2X teleconverters made in Minolta MD mount.
    The Vivitar ones (the old ones, no connection to the current Vivitar-in-name-only offers) were good. I've also had good luck with Soligor - though with any of these the later multielement versions are likely to be better than the first ones on the market. I have accumulated a bunch in different mounts in bundled lens packages, but on their own, they are usually fairly affordable. Spiratone-branded ones (they were one of the first to do this, if not the first) range from just OK to very good.
  5. I have a couple of books on the manual Minolta system from the MD era, and they mention only a pair of 2X converters. It doesn't appear they ever did a 1.5.
  6. I have a Soligor 2X Auto Tele Converter for Minolta. Works well if you can give up
    two f/stops. On a later version the internal lens was bayonet-mounted and could
    be twisted out, the empty shell now becoming a short extension tube for macro.
    Best regards,
  7. Clay describes the Soligor Multipurpose 2x convertor. While not as good as the 7 element convertors, it does okay when
    lens is stopped down a couple of stops. Very useful accessory.
  8. Thanks Mike,
    I never had the Multipurpose, but there is a picture and description in the Time-Life
    Library of Photography Yearbook for 1980. Will keep an eye out for one at next
    camera show for my Minolta SR-T101 cameras.
    Best regards,
  9. rdm


    Everyone thanks for the great info.. I already have a Vivitar 3x and the Minolta 300s 2x c0nverter.
    But i think i have a bad copy of the 3x. All my images are so soft when i use that .
    I should like to find a Sologor 1.5x converter. I have always found the Sologor lenses that I have had, to be decent to very good quality items.
    I want to have a 1.5x converter for my 100-300mm lens for when I go birding and need that extra reach but don't want a heavy extra lens. Hard to find tho. Part of me was thinking about bastardizing some modern one for canon EF and getting it to work on the SR bayonet somehow; I don't care if I have no auto aperture. I figured the modern optics would be better too. I don't want to loose much light stoppage (is that a word?) on my telephoto.
  10. rdm


    I recently Found a Vivitar 1.5x converter in Minolta MD mount..
    Its very handy and I always keep it in my bag, even if I no not take the long telephoto out and dont plan to need long lenses.. Because pooping it on My Minolta Rokkor 135mm 2.8 lens when I need it, is better than carrying around an additional heavy 200mm or long zoom lens for a just-in-case moment.
    Thanks all who read this and especially who have helped me with this question.
  11. I have a 3X auto tele converter made by Astranar (Japan)

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