Minolta Maxxum 7000i

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  1. Hi All,
    I just was given a mint Minolta Maxxum 7000i, 3200i flash, remote shutter release cable,35-105 and 70-210 Minolta AF lenses and all of the user manuals as well as a Tiffen haze filter for each lens and a Tiffen circular polarizer filter. My father in law bought this system new and said he ran probably five rolls of film through it. Other than the whitish residue on the rubber part of the built in grip on the body, this entire system looks brand new.
    Can anyone tell me about this system? How to clean the residue off the grip? Can I still get a battery for it?
    I know nothing about Minolta Cameras. I have a Nikon EM, Nikon D300 and Leica M8.
  2. The lenses you have, if they are of the early metal built type, have a very good reputation and will work perfectly with the Sony Alpha DSLR's. I would just try rubbing off the white deposit with a damp cloth, if that doesn't work try alcohol of whatever type is available, using it on a small area first.
  3. I Q-tip the rubber with lighter fluid but it is hard to get into the corners and, sometimes, needs a second cleaning. When I'm not caring so much, I go the easy route and magic marker the grip but you have to clean the marker tip a few times because the white residue builds up on the marker tip.
  4. By the way, though I have no experience with the 7000i, my wife had a 7000 for a long time and I've used it some, and except for poor autofocus with zoom lenses it was a very nice working rig. The exposure meter was very accurate and worked well as most Minoltas do, the lenses were sharp, and the whole thing was quite nice to use. Once you're used to the all-pushbutton controls, these also end up being quick and easy to use.
  5. The 7000i with its three AF sensors and built-in near IR AF aid light performs surprisingly good. Unilke later AF SLR's which strobe their built-in flashes at low power for AF aid or have a white light, the AF aid on the 7000i projects a pattern. The camera can even focus on a blank wall if you're not too distant. YOu can also turn off the two side senors and use the central AF sensor for more selective focus. Camera uses custom function cards which are cheap now. Pick up a custom function card and you can reprogram the camera. For example, you can program it to allow shutter speed selection (in manual or shutter priority mode) in half stop increcments rather than full stops. You can program it to leave the film leader out with it rewinds the film. Many others.

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