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  1. I'm about to plunk down the cash for a Pentax K10D and I have a couple, perhaps
    odd, questions.

    I still use a lot of film and am not ready to get rid of my old manual cameras
    just yet. My 35mm SLR set-up is the old Minolta SRT series with a full range
    (10) of the MC and MD prime lenses. I love the Minolta glass and since I have
    all the lenses that I need and am comfortable with, what would be the chances
    of using the lenses on the Pentax?

    I'm not fond of zoom lenses (which would be available on the Pentax in kit
    form) having ditched my Minolta ones years ago so would most likely opt for a
    prime (standard or slight wide angle) on the K10D. But until I can afford a few
    others I had the thought of using my ready collection.

    I know I would have to use an adaptor, I'd not have the use of the auto
    features and thus would be manual but I'm used to that.

    I'm also having a bear of a time finding a Minolta to Pentax K mount adapter.
    Any suggestions?

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  2. I think pentax film plane distance is 45.56mm~ish and minolta md is 43.5mm. So you cannot use your md glass on Pentax k or screw mount without adding a glass filled adapter, which does not exist yet, and your md mount glass would have to bury itelf inside the pentax lensmount to get closer to film plane. There are numerous optical adapters that are 1.1x for md on alpha. This may be your better option. I've seen a link recently on minolta forum that had some very nice pix taken with 1.1x adapter and 50mm 1.2 via sony alpha.

    I'm new to minolta having only bought 4 md items in last 2 weeks. I'm trying to cobble these macro items to eos or pentax for non infinity focus macro use and I'm not able to make the adaptation via minolta autobellows III (yet). I've picked up autobellows III with its radical tilt shift capabilities, 100mm autobellows lens and 12.5 and 25mm microscope lenses once I tried out the macro lenses on my Fd system via adapters. Great glass as it should be since its cloned Leica micro glass. Since none of these items rely on specific film plane distance I expect I'll be able to use them on anything eos or pentax with multiple adapters. But I will see if my impulse bought lot of new in the box goodies will work for me while having no clue about minolta's earlier system pre autofocus or different mount autofocus system. Its been fun learning about MD lately.

    Sony has a couple dslrs due out buy feb 2008. One is likely a full frame dslr. So 1.1x adpater filled glass on sony full frame would offer great opportunities to you if your budget will allow it.
  3. Minolta MC/MD mount register is two mm thinner than Pentax K mount. It's also 1.5 mm
    thinner than Minolta's AF mount, which Sony now uses, so MC/MD lenses cannot be
    adapted to Minolta/Sony AF cameras either. Not without a lot of pain and hacking on the
    lens mounts.

    So ... to be succinct, don't plan on using your Minolta MD lenses on a Pentax body. It's too
    much of a pain in the tookus. These lenses are sadly orphans now ... I used to have a full
    Minolta MD11 system and remember well how nice the lenses were.

    You can use them on EOS and 4/3 System bodies, but even there I understand that the iris
    actuation lever needs to be modified as it interferes with the mirror on some Canon and
    Olympus models.

  4. Irrelevant to the current question, yet perhaps amusing... I am using a Pentax lens on a Minolta. Not SLR... the Minolta is a CLE with Leica M bayonet mount. The lens is the Pentax-L Special 43mm f/1.9 in Leica thread mount. Add the Leica thread-to-bayonet mount adapter and it's done.
  5. This linked adapter is supposed to be highly regarded. I bought one like this soligar lens mount adapter MD glass to AF mount from same shop that I got macro equiptment from for $15. I have no alpha to confirm its "optical quality".

    Do an ebay search "minolta adapter" and you'll find 3 or 4 different no brand name versions of this adapter ranging in price from:

    $28.99, $37.99, $50., $75., $124.95


    Godfrey what exactly is Minolta AF film plane distance? Am I correct MD is specifically 43.5mm? Thanks!
  6. From: http://www.a1.nl/phomepag/markerink/mounts.htm

    Minolta AF - 44.50 mm
    Minolta MD - 43.50 mm
    Pentax M42 and K - 45.46 mm

    Using lens adapters with optical correction in them is, to me, a near-total waste of time. You're constraining the lens quality to whatever the adapter's limits are... and I've never seen a Soligor lens that performed as well as a Minolta. Or Pentax.

    My opinion and predilections, of course. :)

  7. Thanks for the cool film plane distance link Godfrey.

    I hear you, I also am not a fan of cheap and likely poor quality 2 element system adapters.

    MD to AF only requires a 1.1x to achieve infinity focus.

    Here's a link to the $125 Hoada brand minolta system adapter's image quality test using some prime MD glass. Seems much better than the other 1.3x to 1.5x other system adapters. The left to right scroll bar is at the very bottom of photofilled page.

  8. rdm


    If you love your Minolta lenses and wish to use them on a digital camera you have to choose a system that allows an adapter without a glass element which would degrade the lens quality. So you have 3 choices , yes 3, well really 5 but 3 of them are the 4/3 system just different brands, so i lump them together and consider them only one choice. 1st the least expensive is the Olympus 4/3 system. Any of the eVolt system cameras can use a the glass less adapter for a 4/3 mount and only a few models require you taking and exacto knife and cutting away a little of the mask on the light boxc. Its not a Pain in the tookus to do this.
    and of the 4/3 system you can choose from the Leica, Panasonic or Olympus cameras. In order of most to least expensive. Only problem is that your 50mm lens becomes like a 100mm because if the small sensor size. Next up on the price list is the Epson 6.1 mega pixel camera that accepts the Leica M mount. this would be better because it uses a larger APS sized sensor than the 4/3 systems use and lets you use more of your lenses field of view than a 4/3 camera . this is achieved with a Minolta bayonet to Leica M mount adapter which you will have to pay for at close to 300 dollars as opposed to a 60 dollar 4/3 adapter. An last and most expensive is the Leica M8 digital with afore mentioned adapter can also use Minolta lenses like the Epson but with a larger still 18x27 mm sensor. Bigger than most consumer DSLR sensors, which will utilize the Rokkor lenses the most and best.

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