Minolta Hi-Matic AF2

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by paul_clayton, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Does anyone use a Minolta Hi-Matic AF2. Just wondering what your
    experiences are, and if you have any pictures to upload to show what
    the results from using this camera are like.

    Also, does anyone have a copy of the owners manual? I am stuck
    because I can't figure out how to rewind the film.

  2. Bought one of these new to replace my wife's 126 cartridge camera in 1980. The AF2 clearly outperforms the 126 camera in its roll as a family snap-shot camera. It continues to do so 25 years later.

    It was in the shop for repairs once or twice during its first 5 years, but has now been functioning for about 20 years without problems, averaging maybe 200 shots/year.

    Ongoing problems, that affect about 10% of the shots taken with this camera: Red-eye and intermittant failure of autofocus to get a shot properly in focus. Maybe one shot in 25 affected by the latter, though the focus problem could be the photographer blocking the AF sensor with his fingers.

    Film rewinds in conventional manner, by depressing pin on bottom of camera and turning the flip-out lever over the film cartridge in a clockwise direction as seen from the top. I'm puzzled by your question concerning this.

    Hope this information helps.
  3. The AF2 is a great camera. I have one and this weekend alone have just run my 2nd roll of film through it, shooting downtown Tucson flooding from Monsoon rains. Push the button on the bottom of the camera and turn the crank clockwise to rewind the film. You can see some of my shots from yesterday's first roll in the alternative cameras forum. (Got it at a thrift store last weekend for a couple of bucks. I also have an original non AF Himatic but unfortunately due to extremely mediocre assembly quality (soldering sucks) it needs to be completely disassembled and resoldered before it will work again.
  4. Hi Paul, I think that 2 people have told you how to rewind the film so I will
    leave that part of the camera alone. We have 3 of these cameras. This is the
    camera that I started my 2 daughters out with when they were younger. All 3
    work really well, we had to have 1 of them serviced at one time but nothing
    since then. We have used the cameras all these years, we bought another
    Minolta, so I put my AF2 away. Then the one that we bought had the
    autofocus motor died on it so I pulled out my old AF-2 and put fresh batteries
    and film in it and have been taking pictures all summer. To upload the
    pcitures from this camera to my computer I have been using a CD that I get
    from my picture processing. The pictures are clear, crisp and yes there is a
    red eye issue but for the most part these are extremely reliable cameras.
    Lately we have been thinking about selling 2 of these cameras as one my
    daughters has moved in the direction of a digital camera. My other dughter
    still likes the AF2.

    Hope that helps
  5. I like it very much. I shoot mostly small landscapes with it and it works fine for that. http://www.flickr.com/photos/21981741@N02/sets/72157623023591229/

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