Minolta Focusing Rail AB-III

Discussion in 'Nature' started by nghi_hoang, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. I am searching for a focusing rail for shooting macro photography. I came across the Minolta Focusing Rail AB-III, which has a flash hot shoe at one end and a camera mount at the other. Does anyone has this focusing rail and is using it for macro photography? How is it?
  2. I use one with a macro lenses in the field if I don't take the AB III (new). It's only problem is
    with some lenses that rub against the rail when mounted in line with the rail (over the hot
    shoe). This is overcome with a washer or something similar (low profile panorama head)
    between the rail and camera body. The one in your photo is missing the end tab which
    connects it to the bellows set if you have or acquire one. It's an easy piece to lose and hard to
    find, so you might ask the seller because they usually come with the rail. Good luck.
  3. I use it as a focusing rail and the little piece that Scott spots as missing is irrelevant for that purpose.

    Very well built and is extremely useful.
  4. Thanks Scott and Vivek. I will keep an eye out for one of these focusing rails.

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