Minolta Flash Meter III (Multi Mode)

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  1. Hello, I have a Minolta III. Can anyone tell me what the "multi mode" is for and, how does it work? I suppose the multi mode is for the exposure of ambient and flash simultaneously. Also, is mine working properly? With the pc cord in on multi mode - no reading but, without the pc cord and triggering the flash from the pack I get a reading something like a flash sign followed by the FNo. directly underneath is a 1. Hope this is clear. Thanks for any help. If anybody has an minolta III manual would you scan it and post it. Thanks again Richard
  2. Richard,

    Send me your email address and I'll fire you off a pdf file on this meter...

    I don't use the multi-mode so I can't give you much info on it.

    It's a great meter though. :)

  3. I believe "multi" is for metering multiple flashes. Try metering without the pc cord with
    multiple flashes in the multi setting. See if that works.
  4. Hi again H.C.
    I sent you my e-mail address. Hope you recieved it but if not, here it is: rubyvalentine@earthlink.net

    You are right on the multiple flash. Like you said, without the pc cord in, put it on multi mode, push the button, fire the flash one time.
    F5.6 and 2/10, press the flash again, #2 comes up in the lcd of the light meter, f stop F8 and 3/10. 3rd time F8 9/10, 4th time, F11 3/10, 5th - 7th goes up 3/10 of a stop each time. 8 - 10 2/10 of a stop. 10 - 20 1/10th of a stop each time.
    I know this is pretty unrealistic for an actual exposure but what I can't understand is the increments of the exposure. I guess I need a real tech head but I know where I can find one on Monday.

  5. I'm in need of that pdf for the flashmeter III, could someone email me a copy at holyrock@telepath.com Thank you, Ron
  6. No need - a quick google turned this site up full of Minolta manuals :


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