Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro Schmatic/ Service Manual

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  1. My scanner which I bought over 20 years will not initalize. I have beenusing it til a few months ago has been running perfectly. I recently rebuilt my computer and trie to use it. I download the latest version of VueScan and attempted to use it. Since my motherboard does not have firewire I installed a new firewire board. When I connected it to the scanner, it did not see the scanner. Checking in the device manager, it said it was running correctly. To see if I had a software conflict I connected one of my Camcorders to the card and attempted to apture some video I got an error related to microsofts I believe it is called Power Play. I deleted it and tried again, and was able to capture from the camcorder. I then connected the scanner and no go.
    When I power up the scanner , the green light comes on. A few times when power ing up the scanner during trouble shooting, the scanner would attempt to initalize. I could hear the stepper motors operating, but now nothing.
    I searched for a service manual for the unit and could only find the 2887 manual. I believe that a apacitor on the power supply board is bad. I would like to get a schematic for the unit if possible. If not I hate to but will have to remove each ca and test it for capacity and internal resistance. I do not trust testing the in circuit .

    Does anyone know where I can get a schematic either seperate or in a service manual. I see some one has posted this a while back and the respose was contact Sony see if they could get one from them.

    Thanks, Wayne
  2. Well just to mention, Sony won't be able to help - they bought most of Konica Minolta's photographic assets, but specifically didn't buy the scanners, nor the light meters, nor the (Konica) film. That's my understanding at least.
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