Minolta Dimage Scan Multi/Multi II tips and tricks

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  1. Hi Everyone
    I'm extremely happy. Picked up a Minolta Dimage Scan Multi II on fleabay for an astounding $75 (MSRP was $2.299 when available). It was sold "as-is" but being an IT systems engineer, this didn't put me off.
    On receiving the unit and connecting it up (I used a proper SCSI card, Adaptec AHA2940UW which you can find for a few dollars anywhere) it turned on and seemed to work A-OK. Downloaded the latest drivers (2002 XP - don't even try Vista or Seven) from the Konica Minolta site and 5 mins later I was doing my first scan.
    Disaster. Whatever the adjustments, all scans using frame mounted slides, were completely out of focus. No manual adjustment would make any difference whatsoever. Was thinking about junking it and looking for a new unit, Googled a lot for "repairs", "Focus", "cleaning" etc. pertaining to this model, but of course, it was never sold in great numbers and there are only a few survivors out there I believe. No avail.
    Bit the bullet and dismantled the unit. Very easy to do, you just have to be careful and methodical. The key is that it is to be dismantled bottom-up, i.e. you take of the top cover, flip the unit around and do all the remaining operations with the unit upside-down.
    Soon enough I discovered that some ham-fisted person had tried to go in there before and made a mess about it. Mirror full of dust, fingerprints on the lens, but worst of all, the person had dismantled the CCD from its holder and thus screwed up the focusing
    A quick clean and adjust, reassembly and it is all singing and dancing
    I also discovered, in the process, that there is no big difference between the original Scan Multi, Scan Multi II or even The Scan Multi Pro, if using the driver available on the KM website. Depending on what serial number you put in, it will unlock the corresponding features. You simply use the serial on the back of the jewel case which came with the unit. So if using a Scan Multi II serial, it will unlock GEM and ROC, but no ICE. Similarly, if using an original Scan Multi serial, you get none of those features.
    Here is a suggestion: Because KM exited the camera/scanner business and left their customers high and dry, I don't consider sharing serial numbers for their products as pirating or illegal. Rather, it should be considered "abandonware". KM certainly abandoned us, their customers, when exiting the game.
    All things being equal and fairs fair, I will provide anyone with my serial for the Scan Multi II software and am looking for someone with a Scan Multi Pro disc to do the same, so we can all "upgrade" to the Digital ICE feature built in but locked away in this software.
    Moreover, for those who are experiencing issues with any of these units, drop me a line. I will gladly explain in detail how to do a CLA and how to keep them going, for as long as the fluo-light glows..
  2. Depending on what serial number you put in, it will unlock the corresponding features​
    While the driver may be the same, how do you know that the hardware is the same, and that all have hardware IR support?
  3. You are right - I don't - regarding the Pro because I haven't tried it - yet. However, the only difference between the Multi II and the original Multi is in the software.
  4. Ingemar, I'm pretty sure the original Dimage Multi does not have the hardware for ICE. I've got one sitting here that doesn't
    get use since we also have an Imacon. Last time it was used it needed a cleaning pretty badly too, but I've always been
    nervous about disassembly—maybe your post will inspire me to buck up and take a look inside.
  5. Mark, you may be right about ICE, but at least you should get ROC and GEM going with the serial number from a Multi II. Pity it should just sit unused. But in this case we may both benefit from this situation: The Multi II I found only came with the 35mm slide holder and I am desperately looking for the medium format and 35mm film strip holders. Would you be prepared to sell those? Heck, I may even make you an offer for the whole kit, if you aren't going to use it anymore.
  6. Hi there. Could you provide me with a serial number for Multi II? I own the first gen unit and would like to get ROC and GEM.
  7. Sorry Chris, I sold my Multi II to a very nice Russian Gentleman some time ago. Sent him the lot, including the serials.
    My advise to you would be: stay away from scanners no longer manufactured or supported. This advise includes the end-all, be-all Nicon Coolscan 9000, because when you have trouble, or even worse, when it breaks and you needs spare, what will you do?
    When these units were in production, Minolta was still an independent camera company. Then it was folded in under Konica and soon after, it got out of photography completely. Konica is a good company, if you are looking for an office copier/scanner/fax...
    Plus, unless the Pro, no digital ICE=welcome to dust hell!
  8. I see. Thanks for responding anyway.
    We've had the first gen Minolta Dimage Scan Multi for some time now. My dad bought it new but it rarely got used. I think we got the original CD case somewhere.
  9. I have the Dimage Scan Multipro and am having terrible dust problems. You mentioned taking the scanner apart and cleaning the mirror. Can you explain how you clean the mirror?
    Thanks so much - Sora
  10. Reviving an old thread. I have a Scan Multi and would like to get a Scan Multi II serai to unlock the hidden features.
    If anyone with a Scan Multi II is willing to share their software serial number, there are those out here who would be very appreciative.
    As for cleaning the mirror, my Scan Multi took a tumble off a padded chair to a carpeted floor, about 11 inches I would say. After the tumble, the scanner would only return black scans with weird artifacts. I took the unit apart to learn the mirror had become dislodged.
    It was very easy to clean once apart and after cleaning I restored the mirror to its intended position, locked it in a little tighter by bending the retaining tabs a bit and put it all back together. The scanner immediately was working again perfectly.
    So those who have one of this family of Minolta scanner, don't be fearful to open it up and give a good clean and if your scanner is not working it may be no more than a dislodged mirror.
  11. DiMage Scan Multi II Serial Number
    For anyone still wanting this, here it is.
    When installing be sure to use the 'Twain' file, not the 'Typical' file.
    Good luck,
  12. DiMage Scan Multi I/II Problem
    While fine tuning my Vuescan profiles under Win XP, my scanner stopped working properly.
    The resulting scans now appear with only the (verticle) left-hand part of the image showing, divided right down the middle.
    So after fiddling with it for a while, here is what I did: Uninstalled & reinstalled VueScan, set all of the Application to default and tried again, and got same results. Uninstalled VueScan and installed the Scan Multi software. Same poor results. Inspected the light bulb which appeared fine, but not much to see. Also peered into the scanner slot and watched as it scanned. The light looked even and bright an it operated.
    My thinking, is it is not any of the software or settings. It probably is not the light bulb (?),
    so could it be mechanical?
    If anyone is still out there, any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the code Bob !
    As far as the faulty scans... On mine the mirror got out of position Had to open it up and reset it. Then I took the opportunity to clean everything I could reach. I'm afraid I don't know much more than that.
    Well, I just had a thought. Perhaps you can go to the Device Manager in My Computer/ Properties and try to update the driver?
  14. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for the suggestions which I have tried. The mirror was perfectly in place, with very little dust, but did have a slight haze. This I cleaned softly and gently with Kodak lens cleaner and a clean micro cloth.
    There are no new drivers that I am aware of.
    After further thought about the cause, I don't believe it could be mechanical. The missing half is along the verticle direction with the two halves 1/16" difference in width. The separation is sharp and clean between the two halves. Perhaps there are two circuits suppling data and one has stopped working?
    Anyway thanks for the effort in taking time to help.
  15. Hi Bob,
    Just thinking of things to try...
    Do you have another computer available to install the scanner on?
    Although it does sound like a connection inside (a ribbon cable, perhaps?) might have pulled loose. If you scan as a positive, does the black side show up white, or still black? This could indicate if it's an electronic problem versus an alignment or lighting problem.
    Also, is it doing the same thing on 35mm and 120 negatives?
    My Scan Multi I is packed away but I might dig it out and look inside for clues.
    Oh, one other thing... have you inspected your SCSI connectors for any bent pins, or tried a different cable?
  16. Hi Bill,
    Do you have another computer available to install the scanner on? Yes. No difference.
    Although it does sound like a connection inside (a ribbon cable, perhaps?) might have pulled loose. If you scan as a positive, does the black side show up white, or still black? This could indicate if it's an electronic problem versus an alignment or lighting problem. The left side is a recognizable image, the right side is 98% white with random color spots mostly located at the top & bottom of the image.
    Also, is it doing the same thing on 35mm and 120 negatives? Yes. Slides, 6x7 Transparencies, & negatives in the same formats.
    My Scan Multi I is packed away but I might dig it out and look inside for clues. That would be asking a lot ;=}
    Oh, one other thing... have you inspected your SCSI connectors for any bent pins, or tried a different cable? No problems there.
    Thanks for the add'l suggestions.
    My thoughts are that perhaps the are two seperate circuits - a left and a right half. And that the right half is tired.
    Best Regards,
  17. Well Bob, you might have to get a replacement unit.
    Fortunately they are on ebay often without accessories or manuals and go for a relatively low price. Most people need all the extras but you likely have them already.
    Good luck, Bill
  18. Hello All,
    Thanks a lot for the serial, it worked like a charm! I understand the issue about ICE and ROC, but what about the “full” medium format resolution? Are the newly obtained 2820 dpi physical or just interpolated as opposed to the previous 1128 dpi?
    Best regards,
  19. Hello,
    Sorry if I post again in such a short time, but I went testing the resolution issue on my Dimage Scan Multi. I tried scanning at 1128 dpi and at 2820 and interpolated the smaller file in Photoshop to fit the bigger one. I was expecting results difficult to tell apart but instead it was overwhelming! The difference between the two sizes is incredible. So it must be real resolution. I’m so excited — it opens a whole new world with my dear scanner.
    How come Minolta “crippled” their hardware with software limitations? The Dimage Scan Multi was the first Scanner in their medium format series, why should they have marketed it deliberately with a lower resolution? Prices? Competitors? Computers at that time not being able to cope with the huge images created? Promoting 35 mm because they didn’t sell medium format cameras? Very puzzling…
    Again, thanks a lot for this invaluable ”Tips and Tricks“!
  20. I have a Minolta Diamage Scan Multi that has been working fine using the newest version of VueScan and a SC-100 feeder. Last week, I removed the feeder and started using the 35 negative and the larger 3.5 trays. After I completed that series of scans and reattached my SC-100 feeder, the machine started emitting a high tone and the ready light started blinking a "red" signal at a high rate.
    I reviewed the hardware manual and followed the simple "turn off everything and reboot" instructions, 3 times, none of which worked.
    Has anyone who owns a Minolta Diamage Scan Multi experienced the same problem? If so, what did you do to correct the problem and get your machine running again. My PC is running on Win/7 (ugh) and is connected to by a Twain cable.
    Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may send.
    C. Gillespie
  21. I've just bought a Minolta Scan Multi, but the DiMAGE software does not ask for a serial number at any point during the install - not the original software cd (v1.1.0), or the later downloadable version 1.1.5.
    The default settings on the later version seems to give a more accurate exposure setting with far less contrast, but gives no increase in resolution (still 1128dpi) and no ROC or GEM (they are greyed out). So, how does one key-in this Multi II serial number on a Multi?
  22. Found out how to do it.
    In the top row of icons in the later version of DiMAGE Scan, after the ROC and GEM icons, there is a "preferences dialog" icon. Click on it, and on right side of the resulting popup window click on the serial number button, then enter the Multi II serial number. The resolution is a real increase, but is not as great as the bigger image size would lead you to expect. The files are also much bigger of course: 50mb for an 8bit scan, 194mb for a 16bit scan.
  23. Thanks Steven.
    My Scan-Multi has been sitting in the box. I guess it's time to get it back out and try these "new" capabilities. :)
  24. This hidden capacity to increase the scan resolution isn't really a hidden secret, it's more like a forgotten feature - looking back at very old forum posts it seems that Minolta for $100 would sell you a serial number that worked with the upgraded software to up the Scan Multi's resolution to a Scan Multi II.
    I'm finding that the (6x4.5 medium format) slides being scanned need to be in very sharp focus for the increased resoution to be worthwhile (mine are all hand held). I wonder if the even greater resolution on the Scan Multi Pro is actually overkill?
    Or maybe my scanner's mirror is needing cleaned. I've taken off the case but I don't see an easy way to access the inner parts with the mirror.
    When installing the updated software I had to uninstall the original software, then, after the new software was installed, I switched on the scanner then the computer, and when windows detected new hardware, just let Windows search for whatever it wanted on the original software's CD. Unlike what an earlier poster had said, there was no twain-only install option for the updated software.
  25. I have just started the task of cleaning up my workshop area which includes my vintage, but recently serviced, digital printing capacity of two (2) Epson 3000 printers converted to MIS archival inks-CMKY & quadtone BW, respectively. Also a 4' by 8' darkroom including dry sink and Omega D5 enlarger.
    For scanning larger film I have a Heidelberg Linotype-Hell Saphir II flatbed with Silverfast (but use Vuescan) and had been using a Minolta Scan Dual IV with good results for 35mm.....until I left it switched on, overnight, and it overheated. (Damn amateur equipment) Opened the tin can case up and sniffed out the burnt culprit - looks like a tiny servo motor up front - anybody have an extra one? Precision and United say "Nevermore."
    Fortunately, I had tucked away a boxed "factory rehabbed" complete full kit, Minolta Multi Scan I unit which works with my existing Vuescan version and SCCSI connected Windows 2000-SP4 OS, Pentium 4 setup. After I get my "workspace" back into ship-shape, I'm going to see what I can do with the Multi Scan. It's no "Pro" but it appears to be "The Last of the Mohicans."
  26. Correction: The flatbed model is actually a Saphir Ultra II and the Multi Scan is actually the Scan Multi I. Didn't mean to be confused. Thanks.
  27. I was wondering if someone could help me find the v1.1.5 of the Minolta scanner software for Mac OSX?
    I found an American Konica Minolta support site that gives details of the scanners but the download links are dead. Does anyone have a working link to the software?
  28. could someone give me some idea how to dismantle the
    Minolta Dimage Scan Multi II Model F 3100
    as I have stored in in the loft and it is full of dust
  29. Unclip and remove the plastic cover on the top that covers the lamp.
    Remove the 4 screws at the back that hold the top and side cover.
    Remove the 6 screws underneath, 3 each side, that hold the cover on.
    Gently remove the cover by pulling it apart slightly at the bottom and slide it backwards.
    You now have access to the insides.
  30. I have a Multi II connected to my Windows 7 64 bit computer working with Vuescan without any problems.

    I would like to know if there is a way to get a 2820 dpi scan of an entire 6x7 negative instead of the center only. The 1128 dpi works fine.
  31. In order to be able to scan at 2820 ppi on a Scan Multi II you have to put in the serial number for the Dimage Scan Utility. Any serial number will do, so go back a couple of pages and use the one submitted by Bob Hartman. That one worked for me.
  32. I have Scan Multi with Scan Multi II serial, so i can scan with 2820 dpi..
    Today i find that the colors with Vuescan are more accurate than the minolta software.
    The problem is that i can't scan with Vuescan at 2820(6x4,5) only at 1128!
    Is there a way to lie Vuescan, that the scanner is Scan Multi II? Or some way to scan at 6x4,5?
  33. Different scanning programs don't magically extract better results from the scanner then the others. What may happen is that they allow more precise control of the hardware, or parts of the process, or just have better defaults. So it's not so much a matter of Program X gives better results than Program Y, it's more like I can get better results from program X than from Program Y.
    Regarding the issue, Vuescan has regular updates and a support contact in its website. Your question should be put there. Maybe it's quite simple to achieve it and in that case you may have it in the next release; maybe it's not doable and in that case you're out of luck.
  34. Sharing keys is illegal :>
    Digital ICE doesn't work on that model, it has to have hardware support - don't bother.

    I've read some success story with W7 64bit and this scanner.
    As for Vuescan, for me it worked shitty and buggy. Minolta software has everything to tweak the scanner behavior. The rest is Photoshop or whatever. Why would anyone use scanning program for picture / color correction if there are better tools meant for that?
  35. Did someone try the serial of Multi Pro on Dimage software working with Scan Multi scanner?
  36. Hi guys,
    I have an almost new Minolta Diamage Scan Multi in the original box with trays, manuals, etc. I bought it new waaaay back in the day and used it to scan a roll of medium format. I bought this right before switching to a Mac that did not have a SCSI adapter and I never figured out how to make it work on the newer machines.
    Anyway, I will take the first $150 USD offered if anyone is interested.
    Best Regards,
    Peter (email: pw@pwpw.pw)
  37. Resurrecting this old thread to see if anyone has a copy of the Minolta Dimage scanning software available. I recently acquired a Dimage Scan Multi, without the Dimage software. I have been using vuescan and it works OK but I would like to try the original interface for comparison and to determine if there would be a way to get higher resolution with medium format film as others have mentioned in this post. I have searched on line for a bit and the scanner drivers are available but the actual software is nowhere to be found. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  38. Hello, I talk to the official website Konica Minolta with the issue of the acquisition of slide scanner film handled for Dimage Scan Multi Pro. But unfortunately, they stopped their work in this direction. And advised to go to you.
    Please help to purchase:
    1. 35mm film holder (FH-P1)
    2. Slide mount holder (SH-P1)
    3. Universal holder (UHP1);

    I have a 35mm film camera Nikon F-80, the image quality is not inferior to
    modern photo digital camera. I don't want to seem fond of antiquity, but I
    don't have cost to upgrade, the more the quality of its overwhelming
    majority is not worse.

    For me, the ideal would be if you give me engenering sheme of film those
    film holders. In this case I can print them on a 3D printer (I have a good
    of experience in AutoCAD and 3D Max).

    I'm sorry that this is an excellent scanner without action.

  39. I have a multi II that I've used in the past before Mac conversion. I am checking to see if I must run scsi-which means finding a PC tower, putting in a scsi card. Am i thinking right here? Is there specific software that's better for windows 7? thanks.
  40. Hi, Kent!
    I dunno if you must go pc and especially tower pc way. As long as you can get scsi to mac, and drivers, you're fine. There are Cardbus SCSI adapters for laptops, there are PCI and PCIe cards for stationery pcs...
    If you go PC / Windows way, there are old Minolta's drivers that can be made to work even in 64bit OS...and you can see the scanner in photoshop or watever program that has TWAIN support. Photo program itself must be 32bit though.
  41. Hello Everyone.
    I have a problem with scanning 120 slide on Dimage Multi I. All surface of the scan with texture like a skin but 35 films is great
    Links to samples:
    I succesfully installed on windows XP x32. And same results on Original software, Vuescan and Silverfast . I dont have ideas about reasons

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