Minolta Dimage 7Hi Auto Focus Problem

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by robert_martin|5, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. My Minolta 7Hi camera will not auto focus most of the time (over
    50%). I have the latest firmware loaded. It focuses a little better
    in low light than outside in full sun. I am having to use the manual
    focus option most of the time. Has anyone else had this problem and
    if yes how did you solve it?

    Minolta suggest I send it in for service.
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    Hi Robert and felloe Minolta-friends and photo.net-friends,

    That's great that you contacted Minolta, er, Konica Minolta FIRST and have something to report back to us to get us started.

    No, I have not had your stated misbehavior regardless of original or updated programming.

    All digital cameras are not only complex dedicated computers, but also a complex collection of sensors all over them -- like a car engine and drive train controls and anti-pollution systems. Digital cameras are not only quite complex, but troubleshooting is NOT the same as the good ol' purely mechanical days! Has anyone worked on a modern (post 1996) automobile? :-( Our digital cameras are just as complicated!

    If anything has been knocked out of function, not only will Konica Minolta need to replace a defective component, sensor or connection or reconnect whatever has come loose inside, but then they may have to put the camera into self-diagnostics mode and recalibrate it's sensors for optimum using calibrated targets through the lens. It should be sweet when you get it back.

    I suggest ALSO asking Konica Minolta if they will sell you an extended warranty for your camera after service. I'd buy 2 years if they offer it.

    Let us know how it behaves after service! Thanks.

    Lovely camera when it works, though, isn't it?

    Used replacements are ~$300US and if you buy from http://www.mackcam.com/warranty.html related dealers such as http://www.keh.com so you can also purchase an independent extended warranty. If I could get risk free ownership, I'd like to add to my collection a Minolta DiMage 7ug for it's IR Infra Red recording capability, and a Konica Minolta Dimage A2 for it's superior EVF Electronic View Finder and image capture capabilities, or an A200 for lesser noise. I wonder if there's a newer TTL EVF on the horizon from Konica Minolta?


    Love and hugs,

    Peter Blaise peterblaise@yahoo.com http://www.peterblaisephotography.com/
  3. Peter, thanks for your inputs. The Minolta 7Hi is a nice camera, but it has a little more noise than I would like. I only use it at ASA 100 to reduce noise and save everything in RAW mode with Adobe RGB profile.

    I am on vacation now and contacted Konica/Minolta by email about the problem and they suggested that I should send it in for service. I believe I purchased a Mac extended warranty with the camera so I will check that out when I get home. Hope I can get it fixed under warranty.
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    Earlier on this thread: "...The Minolta 7Hi is a nice camera, but it has a little more noise than I would like. I only use it at ASA 100 to reduce noise and save everything in RAW mode with Adobe RGB profile..."

    Try http://www.neatimage.com/ or other noise reduction programs - I find them quite powerful and help "salvage" the occasional high ISO image that appears to have too much noise to successfully communicate my intended idaa.

    Why not buy a new camera while your old one is in for repair? A Konica Minotla Dynax/Maxxum/Sweet 5 Digital should do!?! ;-) Hate to miss those vacation opportunities!

    Although, I reverted to FILM (shocking!) in a little Minolta Freedom Zoom when one of my Minolta DiMage 7 cameras died on vacation.

    Let us know how Mack handles your service -- I have 2 mack warranties and haven't used 'em yet.


    Love and hugs.

    Peter Blaise peterblaise@yahoo.com http://www.peterblaisephotography.com/
  5. Peter, we have three cameras with us on vacation - 35m SLR, Medium Format 645, and the 7Hi digital. I am using the 7Hi on manual focus most of the time. I will scan the 35mm and Medium Format with my Nikon 9000 scanner, so I expect to have a lot of good photos. It's just a pain to have to use the 7Hi on manual focus.

    I will let you know how the Mac warranty works if I can find it. I see from their website that cycle time is more than 6 weeks due to a lot of work. I hope Mac warranies work good also since I have one for my Nikon 9000 scanner.

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