Minolta autometer III overexposure

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by marc_sadouni, Oct 5, 2002.

  1. Since a few days, my autometer overexposes everytime by 1 to 3 stops.

    Have you ever had such a problem?

    Where does it come from, according to you?

    Is it possible to calibrate or to fix the meter myself?

    the instruction manual does not mention calibration.

    thank you
    Marc Sadouni
  2. First: Try changing the battery. A weak battery can often make the meter play tricks on you.
  3. My IVF meter suffers from a similar problem every once in a while. The cause is a set of dirty contacts inside the meter that no longer tell it whether the incident or reflected mode is in use. On mine, to test, I remove the incident dome and locate a spring-loaded pin beneath. The meter reading should be different when the pin is fully extended than when you push it into the housing. If there is no difference, the contacts need to be cleaned. A Minolta service tech told me how to do this myself, so if this issue affects your meter, you might call Minolta before sending it in for service.
  4. Are you using the meter in reflective mode without an adapter plate, by any chance?<br>You cannot use the meter as a reflected light meter simply by removing the standard incident dome.<br>The Minolta autometers MUST be fitted with one type or another of adapter at all times.<p>The adapters available are, Incident dome, Incident flat, Reflective 40 degree, and Reflective 10 degree.<br>BTW, I've just waited 3 months for the delivery of a 40 degree reflective adapter for my meter! Good job I wasn't in any hurry for it.
  5. finally, I sent the autometer at minolta, I'll tell the group about the problem and its solution when the meter comes back

    thank you for your help and advices

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