minolta autocord - dark line down every shot

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by matt_harvey|3, Feb 20, 2010.

  1. I just took my new Minolta Autocord out and developed the film, every shot taken has this same dark line running down near the edge of the film. Any ideas what might have caused it? Ive tried searching for answers but I cant find any.
    thanks for any help
  2. Matt, what comes to mind are bad film, something in between the lens and film, or bad processing. It would eliminate some variables if you bought some other kind of film and had it developed at a lab (if you do your own development work now).
  3. Matt, In the last frame I see other faint vertical lines to the left of the obvious one. I agree with Michael, shoot another roll and have it commercially processed at lab of known quality.
  4. thanks for the responses, it looks like it could be my fault since i dev my film. Although this is the first film i have got wrong so im still not ruling out other possibilities. I will put another roll of film through it and see how it comes out.
  5. It doesn't really look like a processing fault to me. It looks more like pressure marks on the film. Remember, film isn't only sensitive to light, it sensitive to all forms of energy, just most sensitive to light energy. Maybe it's increased pressure from some of the rollers within the camera?
  6. Fred raises a good point. Are the rollers absolutely spotless?
  7. rollers look spotless, and the pressure plate looks fine
  8. Please forgive me for asking this, but the film was over the rollers and not under them?
  9. the film went over and not under the rollers.
    Would you expect to see the dark line on the negative? I cant see it on the negatives.. starting to think it could be the scanner.. although you wouldn't expect it from a Hasselblad scanner! Will have to try scanning the negatives again when im in uni on monday.
  10. To try to rule out the scanner, take a look at the negatives with a magnifying glass. You should be able to see that line, if it exists on the film. If it doesn't exist on the film, it's most likely the scanner. Maybe reboot the computer / scanner and try again?
    Edit: Also, try loading the negatives into the scanner 180-degrees from the way you loaded them this time. If the line goes to the other side of the image, it's the scanner.
  11. just wanted to confirm that the issue was with the scanner, thanks for your advice guys.
    I enquired about the lines and got told that the scanner needs servicing... would have been good to have had a note of some sort next to the scanner but nevermind all is sorted now

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