Minolta AF 20mm/2.8, worth to buy?

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by ironcloud, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Hi there,
    I like to have a super wide angle lense for my max9, I'm not sure if
    this 20mm/2.8 is worth to buy... or not...like to hear some

    Thanks a lot!!

    P.S. it'll be very helpful if you can post some pictures taken by
    this lenses~ Thanks!
  2. I've got the Sigma 20mm F/1.7, and it's awesome! Pretty sharp too. Here's a picture, but mind you it's not the best scan in the world.
  3. It's my favorite lens!!!! Incredibly sharp.

    A Minolta rep years ago loaned me one. I shot it for the wekkend and bought one on Monday. Considering the price you can pick them up on ebay - go for it!
  4. It's definately the best 20mm that you can buy for the Minolta mount.
  5. Thanks guy!
  6. By the way...how about the distortion? will it be high? or hardly noticed?
  7. I have had this lens for years and I love it. Yes there is distortion if you shoot real closeup shots at angles but landscapes are very distorion free.

    Here are links to some pics I took of my kid last weekend with the 20mm.

    These pics were shot with the intention of exploiting the distortion characteristics of the lens.

    And this shot was a "portrait type" shot to finish off the roll of film.

    More photos here at the bottom of the page (you will be able to tell which ones are shot with the 20mm.
  8. Cadel is sooooo cute! Especially the ones he plays in the leaves! Thanks a lot Sean! Guess I'll go for it sometime this week~!!
  9. This is the coolest wide angle lens I ever have. Very sharp, very saturated and yet light weight
    Links to my pictures

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