Minolta 9xi -"Modern" Classic?

Discussion in 'Modern Film Cameras' started by riffeym, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. Howdy folks

    We came across this post about the venerable Minolta 9xi, we have two of these fine cameras and an 7xi and lots of lenses.

    They have served us well over the years with only a couple of real issues.

    One is, the grips tend to turn white and begin turning brittle and especially vulnerable around the battery tray opening where they are very thin and easily crack if you drop it on this corner.

    One other problem we encountered was the data card door electrical ribbon broke, this was due to endless opening and closing which flexes the ribbon until it gives way, this was a design fault if ever there was one waiting to happen.
  2. The base on my 9xi is a bit sticky, but otherwise works fine.
  3. Here is the culprit to my camera not working properly.

    [​IMG]20200712_183216 by Shed Life, on Flickr

    She gave way right where the ribbon goes over the door hinge.

    I have fully stripped her down for spares as they are worth very little today.

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