Minolta 7Hi Flash Setup

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by robert_martin|5, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. I have a Minolta 7Hi and a Sigma 500 DG Super flash, which works just
    like the Minolta flash. The Minolta 7Hi manual recommends you set
    the camera on the program mode for flash. You can set the camera to
    fill flash or red eye reduction and modes of ADI or TTL for 4
    combinations. I have tried these combinations and in a low light
    enviroment you get a slow shutter speed of around 1/45 second. This
    can cause problems due to camera movement in some situations. Has
    anyone found a camera setup that gives you a faster shutter speed and
    allows automatic flash operation?
  2. Wouldn't the flash freeze the action no matter what shutter speed you are using?

    Usually when you are using flash, objects in motion are rendered sharply even though you might be using long shutter speeds. The flash duration is very short - around 1/50,000s as a rule of thumb. The subject is only lit during this short time, which means movements are not recorded on film.

    I suppose the 1/45s is only meant to brighten up the background a little, but of course if a tack sharp background is critical your question would be valid.
  3. I agree that the flash should freeze the action in most cases, but depending on the ambient light level a shutter speed of 1/45 second and f stop of 2.8 could affect the image. I don't want to mount the camera on a tripod for these type shots. I guess I will experiment using the shutter priority mode for flash and see if this gives me what I want.

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