Minolta 28-135mm af lens or 24-105mm lens

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by vikas_kumar, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. I am thinking of buyin zoom lens for my recently bought maxxum 5
    camera. I have shortlisted these 2 lenses from minolta.....but now
    am confused as to what to buy....have read that 28-135mm is heavy
    (770gm)....butseems to be much better in performance. Please provide
    feedback.....if you have used any of these two. Thanks in advance.

  2. This question has been asked and answered alot in this forum. But one more time.

    28-135 (which I own)
    Cons - heavy, no lens hood, slow focus.
    Pros - Excellent optical quality

    24 -105 (which I do not own)
    Cons - Shorter tele
    Pros - Faster focus, wider wide angle, lighter.

    Hope this helps. Search this forum for more info.
  3. Vikas,

    Check out my thread about half way down the posts here in the Minolta forum. You can't go wrong with either lens. I too was looking at the 28-135, however I ended up purchasing the 24-105 because of its smaller size, being wider at the short end, and most importantly (to me) because of the "D" functionality. Good luck.
  4. Yes I own both and they are incredibly different. The 24-105 is light and very plastic. It is good at 24 and 50 but very unsharp at the 105 end. Barely usable above 85mm unless well stopped down. The old metal 28-85 is a much better lens and on ebay for £60.
    The 28-135 is stunning but very heavy. At all lengths it is extremely good and at 135 is better than my f2.8 prime. BUT... it weighs a ton and has a 77mm filte size. Not an easy lens to carry around.
    I mainly use the 28-85 (not the plastic 28-80 that comes with the camera).
    All of the above is from careful lens testing with optical targets as well as general impression.
  5. Hello everybody......Thanks for all the valuable input.....I finally got the 28-135mm lens from adorama.....where I got a very nice deal. Now I am eagerly waiting for it to arrive and get started. Thanks once more guys...
  6. What camera are you using both the 28-135 & the 24-105 on? I have the 24-105 attached to my Maxxum 5 and I can’t image a sharper photo at 105? I’ve never used the 28-153 but I’ve heard tons of great stuff about it however I’ve also heard the same about the 24-105. No lens hood, prone to flare, slower aperture, can’t use the Minolta D function, size & weight were the major drawbacks for me when looking at this lens. But as long as you and Vikas are happy then enjoy!
  7. I will be using it on maxxum 5 too.....let's hope it works great...

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