MiniTT1 only gives midddle 6 stops of Einsteins 8 stop range? wah.

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  1. I'm using a MiniTT1 with Einsteins.

    I'm resigned to having only having a 6 stop range in the middle of the Einstein range (wish it was for the entire 8 stop range, though...). But here's my question.

    I'd like to choose which six stops I can control, ie: the top six, or the bottom six. With portraits, I sometimes want to dial all the way down (use f1.8 and f2 on the 85mm). But to do that, it seems like I need to pull out the old PW Plus II, and change the settings on the Einstein manually.

    With product photos, I'd like to have the top 6 stops, so I can get needed DOF (f32 with my macro lenses), and to do this, I need to go manual with the PW Plus II.

    Am I missing something? Is this possible now? Or wait until (or just hope) they build this biasing capability into a firmware up grade? Thanks... t

    (I just sent this question/suggestion to Pocket Wizard / LPA)
  2. I don't have any direct experience with the E640s, but from what I understand, both the PocketWizard AC3, and Nikon's SU-800 (which performs the identical functions of the AC3) can only control up to six stops (and, as you've discovered, it's probably limited to only the "middle" six). Only PCB's CyberCommander can control the E640's full, 9-stop range.
  3. Read the manual. you can set the range to any six stops of the nine stops available.
  4. Buried in the AC3 "quick guide" (there is no "manual" and I bought mine used... with no manual) it says this:

    "The Power Dial can adjust over a 6 stop range. To achieve the lowest manual power settings on your Nikon Speedlight, like 1/128, you’ll need to adjust FEC down accordingly".
    (Note to self: "FEC" being "Flash Exposure Compensation", not Federal Election Commission.)

    Unfortunately, while Nikon FEC has minus three stops, it only has a plus one stop, so I'll still be missing full 620 WS of power. Cyber Commander looking a bit more appealing.

    But yes, RTFM... t
  5. Ok, so much for that, or it applies only to Nikon Speedlights, cause FEC does nothing to effect the Einstein's power settings… t
  6. Hey Wally... can you point me to where in what manual you've seen that said? That biasing the range up or down is possible, and how to do it?
  7. OK... here's the latest (today) from Pocket Wizard on this topic:

    "Good news! With the latest 2.400 firmware for the PowerMC2, you can simply leave the flash receiving in ControlTL mode, walk over to the flash, and dial the power down to the minimum range. The flash understands this to mean "Hey, he wants to shift the range down so I use the bottom six stops!" and will continue using the bottom range until you dial the power back up, or you turn the flash off and on."

    Done, now to test... t
  8. Works like a charm.

    Once you establish the midpoint, you can dial the power up or down, 3 stops either way, with the Exposure Compensation (NOT the flash compensation). I am happy... t
  9. Update: It only works with one of the two Einsteins. The only difference I can see between them is one is firmware version 2.6 (doesn't work) and the other is 3.1 (does work).
    And yes, I've tried swapping the two MC2 units with the two Einsteins. It's a problem with the light, not the MC2. As soon as I can find a 1 or 2gb micro sd card I'm gonna update them both.

    Messages into both manufacturers as of 2013 12 17. Stay tuned.
  10. I've got a couple of microSD cards.
  11. After remembering a 1gb micro SD card stuck in an old cell phone, I pulled a compatible card reader out from under a jumble of cables and made the Einstein firmware upgrade to 5.0

    I am happy to report that after updating both Einsteins to firmware V5.0, both lights have total and repeatable functionality with MiniTT1 and AC3. Adjustable 6 stop range within the Einstein's 8 stop capability, with independent control of both/either via Zones on the AC3.

    It's pretty cool that two independent companies can collaborate and produce such a brilliant liaison of their respective product lines. Yes, this is a personal endorsement for both Einsteins and the TT system of Pocket Wizard. I may even sell my Dynalites... t

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