Minaret of Tarikhaneh Temple Aerial Shot

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  1. The Tarikhaneh Temple (Persian: پرستشگاه تاریخانه‎), also called the Tarikhaneh Mosque (Persian: مسجد تاریخانه‎), is a Sassanid-era monument located on the southern limit of the present day city of Damghan, Iran.

    This place was in the pre-Islamic place of worship of the Zoroastrian and used it as a fire or temple of fire, and is about 2,300 years old. This structure was initially used as a Zoroastrian Fire Temple during the Sassanid period, however, after the fall of the Sassanid Empire it was converted into a mosque in the 8th century. The monument is, thus, known as the oldest mosque in Iran.

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  2. Egypt-Ibn-Tulun-minaret-ce.jpg
    Masjid of Ibn Tulun مسجد إبن طولون
    Not aerial, but the oldest surviving mosque in Cairo - AH 265, 876 CE
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