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  1. Hi All,
    Millers photos are about twice as much as WHCC. Is the quality two times
    better? I'm trying to find a lab to use and although I like the extra features
    that Millers offers, I don't want to spend twice as much if the quality isn't
    any different.
  2. WhiteHouse's quality is every bit as good as Millers - as far as I'm concerned- both are good labs but WhiteHouse is the better deal!!
  3. I se whitehouse all the time and are very happy with them
  4. Damn, I thought this was going to be about a wedding brawl.
  5. I like WHCC too. Nice turn around time and quality prints.
  6. I have to say Miller's. Everything is top notch and their customer service is outstanding. I love the fact that I can upload an order in the afternoon and it's on it's way to me the next day. I've never had anything bent, scrunched, ruined, etc because they package eveything very carefully. They are just to easy to use. I LOOOOVE them!
  7. Don't know about Miller's, but I've been happy with White House. Give their Enduro metalic
    paper a try...
  8. I am happy with both. Millers seems a bit more saturated than WHCC but only a tiny bit. I use Millers though.
  9. In photo printing you do get what you pay for!

    I love Millers I am a very long time user of them and find that their service is exactly what they say. The tech support is amazing and the cost of the prints is well within the standards.

    I have looked at WHCC but frankly was dissapointed in getting information so moved on.

    In my experience it pays to simplify and since Millers can provide what I need and keeps coming up with new innovations I am sticking with one lab.

  10. I've tried a lot of labs and WHCC is hands down the winner. 2 reason, quality and price. Oh and they put candy in the box sometimes.

    They print on Kodak Endura which to some may seem less contrasty than say FCA but it works well for most shots. Customer service is top notch. You can talk directly to people by name in the office with little wait time. The ordering process is also excelent. After you submit your orders they go into a que and upload in the backround and you can start on other orders while they upload.

    I love them for the order fulfillment and the flat rate shipping, very fast shipping.
  11. A third choice you might want to consider is PCLWEST imaging, in terms of price they slot in between Millers and WHCC. They have great products and their customer service is the best in the industry. They use ROES to upload images to the lab and turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours. They are not a box lab like Millers and WHCC, but a much smaller lab were you become part of the family. Check them out
  12. I have WHCC what is Millers website you are using?
  14. I choose Millers over WHCC. WHCC doesn't have clear instruction regarding custom size printing, and they are not
    very forgiving in re-prints. I ended up need to pay twice for the same order even after I catch them not to send
    the wrong order out. The print quality is comparable. Millers has a tendency to be more saturated.
  15. WHCC just added a Californkia facility and sense I don't have a resellers license or tax ID thingy, i will have to start paying sales tax this Oct. So I am now looking at Millers.
  16. Interesting no one mentions Bay Photo here, which I haven't tried. Haven't used Millers, have been very happy with WHCC. If you get their press printed products, you MUST get the UV coating or they will look very flat.
  17. WHCC account recently established. Really looking forward to using them now, even though I can print at home, but limited to 19x13 inches.
    Perhaps WHCC has improved (Web) a lot since this original post? Their instructions are super clear and straightforward.
  18. >>> WHCC account recently established. ...

    You'll like them. And their free 2 day shipping turns out to be 1 day if you're between LA and the SF Bay
    Area. Packing is superb (usually with a tootsie-pop included), as are their prints...
  19. I still cannot believe their turnaround -- two orders placed and two received, delivered within days.
    E.g., Sunday I uploaded an order for several large prints (12x18's and an 11x14). They were delivered yesterday (Tuesday). Quality is TOP Notch. I wrote them a nice Thank-you email.
    Tootsie pop too. ;)

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