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    Frapping the mooring lines - USS Badger FF-1071 taken back in 1978
  2. Here you go...if you were ever in the Navy and had a chance to see what refueiling was like...all I can say is...let's do it again! REFUELING AT SEA.jpg
  3. USS Badger FF-1071 - incoming mail! MAIL CALL.jpg
  4. Fresh paint????? YEAAAP...Burnt to a crisp! ASROC.jpg
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  5. Torpedo...wanna go for a ride....? TORPEDO.jpg
  6. USS White Plains AFS-4 - taken back in 1981 or 82...can't long ago... CH-46 PICKINHG UP LOAD.jpg
  7. Boy, looking at these old photos...are bringing back the good ol times...I remember being up for days un- REFUELING AND VERT-REP AT SEA.jpg repping battle groups...
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  8. anybody ever move a 12,000 pound jet engine? Across the ocean to another ship? On a 1" wire? Hmmmm... TRANFERRING JET ENGINE ON A WIRE.jpg
  9. Thanks for the info. I blew it up from the original scan. The first number doesn;t look like a 6, but I really don't know. What do you think?
  10. looks like 12 which would make it the USS Hornet (CVA-12) - reference:cva 12 - Google Search
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  11. Here is what a 6 looks like on a Carrier:

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  13. [​IMG]

    F-86K Sabre ...also nicknamed the "Kaasjager" (Cheese hunter) by the Royal Dutch Airforce.
    Open-air days at the National Military Museum 2018.
    Folding Pocket Kodak No.2 Model B
  14. Nice photographs.
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  15. USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76)

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