Midwestern Winter Lighting Thoughts

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  1. Two days before Christmas the electric power in my neighborhood was
    off for twenty one hours. The candles reminded me of an image I had
    made as a teenager using my father's Leica D (also known as the Leica
    II, manufacturered in 1932). I photographed the flame of a candle.
    While this may not be a remarkable subject, the equipment involved
    was. This happened forty years ago. The lens was a 90mm Elmar. The
    film was Panatomic X, rated at about 50, or as the Weston meter used,
    40 Weston. The lens and extension tube were screwed into a U shaped
    cradle. The cradle held a metal tube with a groundglass on one side.
    Once the image was framed and focused, the tube was removed and the
    camera inserted. The setup worked remarkably well, although it was
    considered almost as primitive by 1964 standards as is would be today.

    The image remains one of my favorites even today. Modern equipment is
    certainly easier and quicker to use. However, I dould be hesitant to
    describe modern equipment as "better". After all, my present 4x5 gear
    works essentially the same as the old Leica closeup rig, and it seems
    to do all right.

    Enjoy the light.
  2. Let us see it, then.
  3. Sorry, Stephen, I'm an old film guy and only a word person with the computer.

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