Midnight 5/8 no classic Friday posts

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by donald_miller|5, May 8, 2015.

  1. I do no not see any any posts for classic Friday posts. This s the first time I have seen this. A moral problem? Time for some
  2. I don't see a moral problem... I just see a slight lack of organisation! If someone in the same time zone as the Forum could take on the task of initiating the posts on a regular basis and stick with it, then no problems. The Forum's Friday begins 16 hours after ours, so it's a little awkward sorting things from here. Can anybody put their hand up?
  3. I've needed an excuse to get back to more shooting in general. I live in the Central time zone, Alabama to be exact, and if that works for everyone would be happy to make sure this gets started each Friday. Although I've not participated in it often it would get me motivated to do so each week. If I find I need to back away from it later on I can give enough notice to get someone else in the drivers seat. I can start it at 12:01-ish Fridays if that works for everyone. Let me know.
    Rick H.
  4. Would be great, Rick H.<br>But would it not be easier for someone in the vicinity of Rick Drawbridge to kick this off? For someone in PNet's time zone Friday (obviously) starts in the middle of the night. Where i am, PNet's Friday starts at 7 a.m. But where you are, Rick D., PNet's Friday starts at a convenient 4 o'clock p.m.
  5. I have no objection to Friday posts beginning in either Australia or New Zealand. We are after all is said and done living in the age of the world wide web. Just a rambling thought from here in Central Texas.
  6. I'm happy to do it, my only hesitation stemming from the fact that the Forum's Friday begins at 4 pm on my Saturday afternoon, and between then and bedtime is one time of the week when a) I'm least likely to be near a computer, and b) I'm likely to be my most unreliable. I usually post my Film Friday stuff over my Sunday morning coffee! However, if the consensus feels the earlier start has advantages, l'm willing to give it a shot; plesase post some indication. Otherwise, I'm happy to go with Rick.H's kind offer.
  7. I think Mike's suggestion (in this week's weekly's opening post) to make it Weekend thing instead of strictly a Friday event is excellent.
  8. Q.G., I agree. It's pretty much how it's ended up, anyway, with postings throughout the weekend.

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