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  1. I regularly use Microsoft RAW Image Viewer to review images in
    slideshow mode. But there is a slight yellow cast and higher
    saturation compared to the images displayed within Adobe CS (including
    in modes sRGB, Adobe RGB, Monitor RGB, Windows RGB and CMYK). A
    Microsoft website indicates that the Viewer renders "images in the
    correct color space as determined by the photographer when the image
    was captured." Anyone know if there is a way to alter the viewer's
    default color profile?
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    I wonder if anyone compares this to Dalibor's DLL to permit Windows to thumbnail any camera's RAW files. - quote see below *

    I LOVE Dalibor's products, but I use the direct RAW converter and other (older) Windows than XP, so I don't know.

    Maybe Microsoft's product ain't the only show in town?

    Someone try it and let us know how it compares with Microsoft's!


    Love and hugs,

    Peter Blaise


    Quote from

    * "Dalifer" is a little but powerful utility targeted on the users of Minolta digital cameras, but packed with features for many other camara users. It has many useful features packed into one program.

    The most interesting features of Dalifer are:

    - displays the thumbnails of Konica Minolta RAW MRW files in Windows' Explorer or even in File->Open dialogs of many applications

    - can rotate all Konica Minolta RAW *.MRW files, this rotation is respected by Konica Minolta Dimage Viewer Utility DiVU, DAlibor's MRWFormat and by Adobe CameraRAW as well.

    - shows you on what point in the image frame on which the camera was focused

    - views all the EXIF information including the very interesting custom information stored in MakerNote (for example AntiShake, exact ISO value, NoiseReduction, Sharpness, Contrast)

    - two different types of really lossless rotation of JPEG pictures

    - adds chosen EXIF or MakerNote tags into the Explorer's Details view

    - can extract the complete EXIF and MakerNote data and re-insert it back into the JPEG file later after editing (batch mode)

    - can extract the embedded ICC profile and XMP data

    - can set the date&time of the picture to the data when it was taken

    - extends the Windows ability to display the thumbnails of graphic files by new file types (*.jpf, *.pcx, *.ras, *.tga and *.vda)

    - disables some potentially dangerous Windows features

    Benefits for Konica Minolta DiMAGE camera users:

    Dalifer will tell you what was the setting of your camera when you were taking the picture. At this moment Dalifer is the only utility capable of decoding and displaying the complete Konica Minolta MakerNote information (ExifRead and Exifer have partial support only). The CameraSettings information is stored by DiMAGE 5, 7, 7u, 7i, 7Hi, A1, A2, S304, S404 and S414.

    Dalifer will help you with checking the out-of-focus problems as it will show you where the camera was focused on and the precise distance to subject as well (exactly for DiMAGE 7u, 7i, 7Hi, A1, A2 and S414; approximately for DiMAGE F100, F200 and F300).

    Dalifer will allow you to rotate your pictures without any information loss. Many applications claim that they can rotate JPEG files lossless but in reality they destroy the valuable MakerNote information by rotation. One of the rotation offered by Dalifer will modify only a single byte in your picture.

    The MakerNote is valuable source of information as it contains the exact description of the camera setting used when taking the picture - beyond the "public" EXIF data displayed by most programs. Dalifer can backup the EXIF/MakerNote in a small file and then reinsert it back when needed.

    The Windows thumbnails of JPEG and TIFF files are generated faster by Dalifer then by Windows XP.

    Benefits for Konica Minotla RAW MRW users:

    Dalifer will enhance the capabilities of your operating system so it will be able to display the thumbnails of *.mrw files in Windows Explorer.

    You can use Dalifer to extract the EXIF/MakerNote from the MRW file and then embed it completely back into converted and edited JPEG file.
    You can rotate the MRW file and this rotation will be respected by DiVU and MRWFormat.

    Benefits for Adobe CameraRAW users:

    Adobe CameraRAW (bundled with Photoshop CS) users might find the XMP extraction feature useful as it will tell you the settings used for MRW conversion.

    Also you can rotate the MRW files and CameraRAW will respect this rotation and process the file accordingly.

    Functions planned for the future:

    We can add the following functions if enough people will express interest in them. Of course, you are welcome to send us your own suggestions as well.

    - Dalifer Lite - sold for half price and allowing only some of the functions

    - display additional information in the thumbnails (AntiShake, ISO, ...)

    - add tool tips with selected EXIF/MakerNote information which would be displayed when you point your mouse at the file

    - process MRW files into JPEG and embedding all the original EXIF/MakerNote info (for easy cataloging in Photoshop Album and other software)

    - enhance .psd support and support for some Photoshop specific tags

    - ICC profile embedding

    - repair of corrupted MakerNote

    - erasing of all EXIF/MakerNote information (to reduce the file size or when you do want to publish the information)

    - possibility of editing some tags (UserComment, Date, ...)

    - creating fake images which could be downloaded back to camera and then display it (use your camera as a presentation device)

    You are welcome to download and test the DEMO version
    and then purchase the full version for 20 USD.

    The price for existing users of MRWFormat is $10 only, please do contact me by mail
    if you want to buy Dalifer.

    ===== end of quote =====


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