Microdrive file recovery utility for Mac?

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by alpshiker, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. Happens once in a while ... I lost part of a disk content. So I wish I
    could recover the images of the last cession, erased on two
    Microdrives. They are Fuji RAW files and I'm on Mac although the
    Microdrives are DOS-FAT. Preferably downloadable, but all suggestions
    are welcome! Thanks!
  2. Thanks Godfrey! It is a small app, installs easy and works even with OS9! The demo recovered the first 10 files without a problem. Now I have to purchase the software to retrive some more, but it seems that I would have to wait on a CD which takes at least a week, international. Any other suggestion is still welcome! Thanks!
  3. Although I was told by the support that ImageRecall can be downloaded, I finally bought Photorescue for OS-X from datarescue.com. Cheaper and more sophisticated.

    Here is my word of WARNING. Never try to arrange folders while the trash is emptying on a Microdrive content, or you might well endup with a corrupt disk. That's what happened to my 320GB Lacie Firewire, already full and only partly backed up. You can imagine my surprise when I stared at the "This disk cannot be read on this computer. Do you want to format it?" message... Fortunately DiskWarrior could restore most of it's content with some disorder, with the exception of the last images copied that Imagerescue could retrive from the Microdrives.

    I hope this will never be of any use to you! ;-)

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