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Discussion in 'Black and White' started by stavros_vogiatzis, Dec 20, 2000.

  1. I am surprised that not many people talk about the Microdol-X 1+3 combination. I have been using it lately with the 6X7 format along with APX100 and HP5+ and so far the results are very promising, there is definitely a good balance between acutance - fine grain - and gradation. I would like to share my experience with any one who likes to know more about, plus I can scan and send you a sample picture too. Any feedback from another user on this combo would be highly appreciated.
    Best regards, Stavros
  2. There is no doubt that Microdol is a superb developer. I've used it in the past and loved it!
  3. Indeed, Microdol-X and Plus-X are a combination made in heaven (ISO
    80). Also Tri-X @ ISO 200 is really nice stuff.
  4. Hello Stavros! Please send me a scan of your APX100 and Microdol-X
    results! I'm still looking for a great developer for APX100 to use
    instead of Rodinal when I need finer grain.
  5. I haven't used Microdol in years (I'm an Xtol guy now) but 1:2 and 1:1
    dilution also give interesting speed/grain compromises. I found 1:3
    too slow working.
  6. Tri-X in Microdol-X 1:3 at ei 250 was my standard film/developer
    combination for many years. I also used quite a bit of Plus-X in
    Microdol-X 1:3 at ei 64 with excellent results. I have switched to
    Ilford 400 Delta in XTOL 1:1 at ei 320. I would not hesitate to
    recommend Microdol-X to anyone.
  7. My comments are a little late comming, but I'll contribute my
    thoughts on APX100 and Microdol-X 1:3.


    I fumbled across this combination quite by accident. I haven't done
    any formal tests, but for my work, it is THE perfect film/devloper


    I soup at 70C for 20 minutes with a two minute presoak. Continious
    agitation for the first minute, then 3 tank inversions (about 5
    seconds) every 30 seconds for 0:30 to 10:00, then I back right off to
    3 tank inversions every minute from 10:00 to 20:00. Water stop and
    fix as usual.
  8. Are Microdol-X and Ilford Perceptol similar?


    Do they sacrifice a little acutance to obtain finer grain?
  9. Ed: Yes, they are similar. Speed and sharpness are compromised for
    grain when used full strength. With dilution speed, grain and
    sharpness are increased. Diluted 1+3 Microdol-X and Perceptol are
    about like D-76 or ID-11 in terms of speed/grain.
  10. British photographer Barry Thornton recommends Perceptol or Microdol-
    X diluted 1:3 for use with HP5+. He says that by diluting the solvent
    effect of the sulfite is diminished and the developer becomes a high
    acutance formula. This is due to the nature of Metol, which is the
    only developer in these formulations. The examples in his book (The
    Edge of Darkness), even accounting for reproduction, are very
    impressive. He also gives a formula for a similar developer, a two
    bath, which also has impressive results.

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