Micro 4/3 is Dead

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by Ed_Ingold, Mar 10, 2017.

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    It pays to read the details. 4/3 is not the same as micro 4/3.
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  3. does anyone know why it wasn't called 3/4 system :)
  4. I think this thread is a prize example of fake news, and we don't want to go there, do we?
  5. Actually, it isn't an example of "fake news" at all unless you assume that the OP wasn't merely making a mistake but added the "micro" deliberately. And nothing really points to the OP intentionally trying to mislead. Of course, there's also the possibility that the OP isn't aware of the difference between 4/3 and m4/3.
    Because there would be no end to the jokes that it isn't even a "full" system? You only get 75% of what you paid for?
  6. There we go;

    Edward getting all excited about the lack of choice in the photographic world.

    Lets all have the same camera dress the same......lets call it....guess.
  7. And the guess is the very slow auto focus, dull images no pop,A7 range.
  8. Not excited, just passing along the news. I've used Olympus cameras in the past for their high quality in a small package. Only with film, however. I made a mistake adding "micro" to the headline. There were two articles side by side in DPReview.
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  9. I was relieved when I read the article. I was initially confused about 4/3 and m4/3 as well. In fact I went as far as purchasing the wrong 7-14mm wide angle zoom for my E-M1 m43 camera. That was embarrassing. ;)
  10. Sad, my first DSLR was E-300, still love those spot on colours.
  11. The OP really should have paid attention, but, honestly, the name "micro 4/3" was a really, really bad choice. It leads someone to believe that the sensor is a smaller version of the 4/3 platform. Obviously, it isn't.
  12. I am not surprised that Olympus is no longer makiing four thirds lenses cause I want them to put their efforts into the great OMD cameras. Cameras are like computers and I do not think anyone mourns that they no longer can get accessories to fit an Apple II or that Mustangs come with smaller engines or you name it. If one can get ten active years out of a system and still find someone to repair it, feel lucky. I have an operatonal E-1 and E-3 and both are fine and dandy. But I have moved on. I expect many others feel the same way. Nothing is dead if it still can be used. Let us say no eulogies for four thirds. I found it great. Still do. No valediction necessary. Someone out there is using this gear...
  13. I'm using an E300. The only thing that I complain about it is that the card door is not good (made in China may be the reason). I need a tape to keep it closed

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