Michael Marks Photography Workshop Schedule for 2017

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  1. I am pleased to announce my photography workshops for 2017. I am also offering customized workshops designed to meet specific goals of individuals. Please contact me to discuss or with any questions you may have. Best holiday wishes to all. Michael 2017 Workshop Schedule
    Living a Photographic Life – Balancing the Day to Day with Personal Enrichment, with Michael Marks Chimayo Gallery, Wednesdays January 25-March 15, 7:00-9:00 p.m. Together with the Chimayo Gallery, located in Perkasie, PA, I am adopting my popular class taught at Delaware Valley University’s Center for Learning In Retirement to make it available to a wider audience. This series of classes will provide a fun and learning experience in a friendly and supportive environment for photographers of all skill levels. Learn how to make photography important, fun and rewarding so it will become an integral part of your life despite all the other activities and responsibilities you have. “Keeping your head in the game”. That idea relates to the joy of living a photographic life. The question is how to do this! Let’s face it; most of us have non-photographic jobs, family obligations, etc. So short of making photography your livelihood, what can you do? Obviously you will want to go out into the world and make photographs. Trouble is that most don’t have the time or ability to do that on a regular and continuous basis. So our avocation can’t be our vocation. Time to move onto Plan B, which for most of us is the real world. But living in the real world doesn’t mean we cannot live a photographic life. That is a major part of what this course is about, as well as to help you make better pictures that you will be proud of and want to actually have displayed. Yes displayed! The reason we are going to do this is that in today’s world many rarely hold a meaningful photograph in their hands let alone see one on their walls! Rather most store them on their iPhone, iPad or computer, or perhaps upload them to photo sites like Flickr on the Internet. You will produce a portfolio project containing 10 printed photographs on a theme of your choice along with a written essay describing why you chose it, what it means to you, and what was learned during the course of making the photos and arranging your portfolio. In addition to the theme/portfolio, students will be making photographs every week to bring in for discussion and friendly critique. The purpose of this to get a better idea of composition and light, as well the importance of meeting the objective you had in mind when you decided to make the photograph in the first place. Doing this every week will help you as you are thinking about making good photographs and building your final portfolio. By the end of the course students will have learned about or discovered a range of activities that will enable them to always keep their heads in the game and will have created a strong portfolio to be proud of, containing photographs that deserve to be hung on the wall! Fee: $170 Please contact Chimayo Gallery by phone or email to reserve a spot. 267-733-5012 chimayoperkasie@gmail.com Black and White Fine Print Boot Camp, with Michael Marks March 3 - 7 May 5 – 7 July 14 – 16 September 8 -10 November 3 - 5 I am excited to offer the Black and White Fine Print Boot Camp Workshop, a fun but intense weekend of activity designed to quickly and efficiently provide participants with the knowledge and tools necessary jump into the world of black and white analog photography. The workshop will provide a unique experience in a friendly and supportive environment for photographers of all skill levels who wish to make satisfying images using black and white film, traditionally printed on silver gelatin paper to the highest archival standards. Participants will experience making black and white film photographs with their camera of choice, and see how beautiful hand crafted silver gelatin prints from film negatives can be made. The workshop will benefit beginners as well as advanced students looking for a refresher to improve their existing skills. I know that there is a lot of mystery and disinformation about traditional darkroom processes and equipment requirements and the difficulty in producing gorgeous black and white prints. The secret is that it really is not difficult at all and equipment requirements are not onerous. This workshop is designed to quickly make you familiar with a range of film cameras, proper exposure technique, film development and how to use composition to create compelling images. This will be accomplished through lectures, and field experience with one-on-one guidance by myself in my darkroom and at several locations in and around the charming town of Doylestown Pennsylvania. In order to maximize one on one and group interaction, the workshop is limited to five participants. Good technique is important and its application essential in producing something of beauty, but photography is more than just technique. Much more goes into making an emotionally moving photograph as originally envisioned in the mind’s eye. Reviews and constructive evaluation of participants’ portfolio of prints, participant description of original concept, objective, approach taken, and equipment, materials and methods used, along with reaction from other participants concerning alternative approaches or possible changes in emphasis will go a long way towards illuminating and strengthening emotional considerations beyond technical controls. I will also demonstrate how to easily create handcrafted black and white prints with a minimum of difficulty -- and no mystery. We will start by looking at proof sheets. Then we will select one of my negatives to print, determine proper printing exposure and paper contrast. We will establish and follow repeatable steps to arrive at the final “fine print” as quickly and easily as possible, including application of burning and dodging procedures and use of selenium toner for subtle tonal shift and archival permanence in the final product. Workshop participants will be able to work with the same negative to obtain the same results. Finally, I will also demonstrate how to spot, mount and mat the finished print. The result is that participants will be able to leave with the confidence to be able to make, print and display meaningful personal images back at home. Attendees can bring up to ten prints for instructor review. Be prepared to learn a lot, work hard and have fun! Fee: $395 Please contact me by phone or email to reserve a spot. 215-348-9171 info@michaelmarksphoto.com Personal Workshops I also will be offering customized workshops designed to meet specific goals of individuals or as many as five photographers per workshop here in Doylestown, PA or at your location. Workshops can be 1 to 3 days in length. Working together, we can custom design a workshop to meet your specific needs. Select the time of year, workshop location and duration, as well as workshop design, to include photographing at place(s) of your choice and darkroom instruction with hands on printing by you. Fee: $325 per day for an individual in Doylestown, PA (group discounts available based on number of participants). Out of town workshops add associated travel costs. Please contact me by phone or email to discuss what you would like to accomplish. 215-348-9171 info@michaelmarksphoto.com
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    There is a change in my workshop schedule. Please see below.
    Living a Photographic Life – Balancing the Day to Day with Personal Enrichment, with Michael Marks Chimayo Gallery, Thursdays January 26-March 16, 7:00-9:00 p.m.

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