Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee Photographers ??

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by richard_rankin|2, Mar 9, 2002.

  1. I've been trying to reach the Website for Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee to see what they may have to say about films, and have only been getting Web server errors. I tried to email the address that Mr Smith used here in the forum not that long ago, and that was returned with a permanent mailer error. Does anyone know if the Website has moved, crashed, or if they are merely suffering from some version of website-creator-itis?<BR><BR>
    Cheers and thanks, Richard
  2. Richard,
    I think they are having problems with their server - I just tried a
    link which I have used regularly and received an error message to the
    effect that I "don't have authority to access the site with [my]
    credentials". Try again soon, I'm sure they will fix it up.
  3. If it's urgent, pick up the phone and call then. 610-847-2005
  4. Michael posted to this forum a few days ago in response to a similar
    posting - their server is being swiched by their provider, and
    they're not thrilled about it.
  5. Thanks for your concern, Richard. Everything is up and working now. I
    assure you, it is driving me a lot more nuts than it is driving you.


    Thanks for posting to this group and bringing the email problem to my
    attention. We just received three days worth of emails and there were a
    number there so I was not aware some never arrived. And we have been
    expecting some very important ones. Not good. My web provider will hear
    about this, for sure.


    What would you like to know about films. That info is not on our site.
    In the ansence of Super XX we recommend the either the Bergger film (if
    film speed is not an issue) or HP5 +.

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