MH-18 and MH-18a chargers interchangable?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by efusco, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. I have the MH-18 charger that came with the D70 and EN-EL3 battery and
    I now, also, have an MH-18a charger that came with the D200 and
    EN-EL3e battery.

    The EN-EL3e (for D200) fits on both chargers while the EN-EL3 only
    fits on the MH-18 (non-a) charger.

    Will the MH-18 (non-a) charger safely and adequately charge the
    EN-EL3e battery?

    Are they any other changes/improvements to the MH-18a that would make
    it any more desireable as a charger than the MH-18a?
  2. I think the MH-18a charges the EN-EL3 a little faster than the EN-EL3e about 15 min...the MH-18a is slightly smaller, actually the "a" charger was included with the D70s...either one can be used to charge either battery

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