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  1. Ok folks, Leo seems a bit autocratic about starting on Saturday. So here's a whimsical one:
  2. The POTW should supersede newer threads, the way it works in the EOS and Pentax forums, so that potential contributors don't have to scroll several days of MF chatter in order to accidentally find it. I've emailed the moderator to make it so. Hopefully he's still around. If not, I'll ask Josh next week.
    Good work, Thomas.
  3. An old one, I think one of my more interesting photos. 67II + 45mm, TMAX 400. (Larger.)
  4. pentax 67, 135mm, 400vc
  5. pentax 67, 135mm, 160vc
  6. holga 120s, 400vc
  7. Love that holga shot Richard! Ok- this is probably the most random roll of film ever. Started with an editorial food shoot, stopped for coffee and noticed the shrubs on the way home and still had 2 shots so I tried a couple of multiple exposures :)
    Hasselblad 500cm 400H
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  8. Another week through, eh?
    This was an odd collection of ducks near an outhouse on Farm Island, an undeveloped island near Wrangell Alaska on which many locals own property and have cabins.
    Hasselblad 500CM Fuji Acros 100 80mm f/2.8 Zeiss Planar
    The local radio station usually has me broadcast the local baseball games. This happened to be a junior league regional tournament.
    Hasselblad again, but with the 50mm Distagon
  9. Stacy: What a beautiful set! I especially appreciate your craftsmanship in the food pictures. Thank you for posting those.
    Diana F, 400TX
  10. Good one Leo. I also like the baseball photo.
  11. The download times are a little longer on this thread. ;) Hasselblad EL/X, 50mm. Acros, Stand Developed.
  12. Number Two Son showing what he thinks of the world:
  13. Some night stuff:
    Mamiya C33 105mm Kodak Portra 160nc
    Mamiya C33 105mm Kodak Portra 160nc
    And another project I'm working on:
    Mamiya C33 80mm Fujicolor Superia Reala
  14. Thanks Stacy. I shoot every week and enjoy seeing what you and others are doing to! And, thanks to Leo for starting the MF POTW. Regards
  15. Pentax 67 with 165mm lens, helicoid extension tube, Ilford XP2 Super film, Epson V500 scanner. This is from last week.
  16. Oahu, Rolleiflex T, E100VS
  17. Yes- thanks to Leo- and I love his street scene + Sander's night stuff! Everyone is posting good stuff- I'm going to try to post every week too :)
    October will be wedding be prepared for that :) this week...possibly...desserts!
  18. Plus thank you B!
  19. These days it seems like I'm only getting out to shoot on Sunday afternoon outings with the family. Here's a couple from yesterday, in Barna woods near our house.
    Mamiya 645AFD + Kodak DCS 645M ProBack, ISO 200, 55/2.8 manual focus lens. #1: f2.8, 1/180 sec. #2: f4, 1/30 sec.
  20. Also from the woods last weekend...
  21. And here's one from the Karwendel range in Germany, last week...

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