MF POTW 2010-09-04

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  1. Saturday is POTW :)
    Sunday follows Saturday :-|
    It's Sunday :-(

    OK two abstract landscapes from me, self-developed. Developing your own B&W takes 20 minutes and is no harder than mixing drinks. Yes, 20 minutes --- never miss a POTW again, 20 minutes is practically "chimping".
    Tri-X in HC-110 dil. H for 10 minutes @ 20°C, 3 inversions per minute. This is actually two photos of two root systems, blended together in PS.
    TMAX 400 in DD-X 1+4 for 8 minutes @ 20°C, 4 inversions per minute.
  2. Both above are Hasselblad 500 CM + 80mm CF. Both underexposed (reciprocity failure) & subsequently rescued in PS.
    What the heck, I also took a properly exposed photograph this week, a cliche to look at, but at least it didn't require PS levels for blacks and whites. Tri-X EI 320 in HC 110 dil. H @ 20°C for 10 minutes, 3 inversions/min. Again 500 CM + 80mm CF.
  3. Whether or not the waterfall is a cliché, I still can't help following the flow of the water from top to bottom, as it splits, mists, flows and keeps splitting. Long exposures of water are always magic.
    I like the roots too. Thanks for sharing.
  4. This time, I got out the trusty Mamiya RZ 67II. I had to test my newly acquired 150 mm f/3.5 a few weeks ago and this is one of the slides. Handheld, of course for all those sceptics who only see the Mamiya RZ cameras on a tripod in a studio.
  5. last shot from the Gulf...( holga 120s - kodak 160nc ) -
  6. holga 120s - fp4
  7. wow, with previous POTW still filling up and zees one just blooming, it's good to hear more good news.
    last night when I checked my local lab with few friends and one wanted to buy some film, to stuff his FM2 with, lady working there told us "wow, this year we sold film more than we sold in 3 previous years..." ain't that nice thing to hear? :)
    Mamiya RB67 Pro-S, Sekor 50/4.5C, Fuji Reala 100.
    Mamiya RB67 Pro-S, Sekor 90/3.8C, Fuji Reala 100.
    Mamiya RB67 Pro-S, Sekor 50/4.5C, Kodak Panatomic-X @100EI.
    cheers everyone and have a good week!
    I'm hitting the mountains in 4 days so I guess you won't be hearing of me in next few future POTW threads.
  8. Mamiya 645, 80mm lens FP4+ film.
  9. I bought a Zeiss-Ikon Ikoflex Ic on eBay last year, here's a shot from the test roll, finally scanned on the Epson v600. Film used was Ilford HP5. My Ikoflex has a Novar lens, and I was shooting into the bright sky at sunset, without a hood. There was plenty of flare, but to be fair, I ought to shoot with a hood the next time.
  10. Somewhere in New York state. Rolleflex 3.5 E, Trix320.

    San Sebastiano Festival, Montclair, NJ. Rolleflex 2.8 E2 and TriX400.
    The Slide
  11. Holga Panorama
    A recently returned slide from my Pentax 67 which is currently in for service to Eric Henderson and will hopefully be back sometime next week.
    45mm Fuji Velvia 50
    And I took this while announcing on the radio for the other towns which had teams in the tournament. It's a friend of mine who happened to be keeping the score book.
    Hasselblad 500 CM 50mm f/4 Distagon.
  12. Music night at the Duke of York, Sai Kung, this Saturday. Hasselblad 500 c/m, 80mm Planar, Metz Mecablitz 32 Z-2, TMY in Xtol for 6 minutes @ 20C
  13. Windy sings the blues
  14. Having trouble uploading. New try
  15. No hand games...
  16. My first submission as I've just got my first MF camera, an RB67. This is one of the few frames without light leaks, hence I've sent the back in for overhaul.
  17. Taken with Voigtlander Bessa 6x9 Ilford delta 100
  18. Central London from Primrose Hill, Velvia 100, ETRSi, 75mm, lee ND grad
  19. My contribution
  20. pentax 67, 200mm, provia. Vampire Gulls? (some have no reflection)[​IMG]
  21. Hasselblad at a wedding 80mm, 400H and 400 Kodak c-41 B&W
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] this camera is like magic...I love it so
  22. For a short time in the mid 1980s I carried a small Bronica ETRS kit around in a Pelican case which I used for all my commercial work. It was the only rectangular MF camera I ever owned before switching to all square 6x6 format. I always shot Polaroids first and discussed them with the client. The lens would be either 80mm or 50mm and whatever film best fit the job. My shot this week is from an old advertising assignment for an accoustical tile. This particular shot was from the series aimed for musician and drum magazines, another series was for audio enthusiasts. Have a great week!
  23. Trying out my new extension tubes on the Kiev 88:
  24. This is from the first roll that I put through a Miniature Speed Graphic with Graphic 23 roll film back. Film is Plux-X rated at box speed and developed in D-76.
  25. That's a beauty Tom, brought a tear to my eye. You can see mine in my user gallery under "good ol'snapshots". Sorry, I don't know how to make a link.
  26. Thanks Dave, it's an '81 and I am slowly restoring it to like new condition. Body and paint are next. I just got the factory AC working properly.

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