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  1. I recently purchased a Metz 40MZ3i flash and I'm trying to attach a SCA 390
    adapter to it but it doesn't seem to fit correctly. The adapter doesn't cover
    all of the circuit board. It slides into the groove but it isn't long enough to
    cover all of the exposed board. Is this adapter compatible and if it is what am
    I missing?
    And if I have to purchase something else to make this work, would it be readily
    Thanks for your help.
  2. I have sort of the same problem. I think the 300 series is not what is needed, but the 3000 series. I tried to use a 351 for my Leica, but it didn't work. I am now waiting for a 3502 to come, which is larger. I want to be able to use the flash on the handgrip with my R8 for ttl flash. Any hepl will be appreciated for both of us.

  3. 40MZ3i belongs to the SCA3000 series (digital), but also works with 300 series shoes (analog) which are shorter. The original flash came with a piece of plastic that covers the exposed circuit when mounted with the 300 series shoe, but probably missing if buying used. Also, you need the 3000 or later series shoes for auto iso/zoom/aperture/IRbeam to work. Since the 40MZ series flashes are older generation, they may not support all the features even with the latest shoes. It is best to contact Metz Germany directly to confirm.
  4. I bought my 40MZ1-i new (only difference is second reflector), and don't recall the extra piece of plastic. However, I've used the SCA 390 adapter on it, and it works great, especially sitting on top of the Hasselblad prism--very compact. I wouldn't worry about the it unless you always shoot in dirty environments, in which case, just tape a piece of plastic or board over the exposed part.
  5. Hi Nadine,
    My only concern in trying to use the adapter like that would be the possiblity of shorting something out. The contacts on the adapter don't seem to cover all the contacts on the circuit board. You can see that some of the contacts on the board are exposed.
    Surely this isn't the way this is supposed to work?
    I was in San Francisco last summer.
    Great City.
  6. Perhaps it isn't, but without the specific piece of plastic, I don't know what else you can do except create a cover yourself. Or, you can try contacting Bogen. And yes, SF is a great city, but saturated with wedding photographers right now... :^(
  7. I just received the 3502 adapter. It is longer, I had to remove the small piece of plastic which made room to slip the longer 3502 into the flash unit.

    When I operate my camera for ttl flash, it definitely recognizes everything, as opposed to the 300-series adapter. It seems that adapter could only tell the camera that it was ready. The 3502 adapter enables full ttl functionality, but I still have to try it with film.

    So to sum up what I have learned so far:

    The little plastic strip is nice-to-have, but there doesn't seem to be a problem when using 300-series adapters without it.

    Use 300 series adapter for flash-ready indication only. Use 300A cord for off-camera flash location.

    Use 3000 series adapter for ttl flash, use 3000C cord for off-camera flash.

    Use G15 or G16 handle for off-camera flash to give ready light signal or ttl connection to hot shoe. G15 seems to only work with PC connection if using 300-series adapter. With 3000-series adapter G15 can work with remote cord to hot shoe.

    This is only as I have found it for use with Leica. The manuals for the 3000 series adapters are on the Metz site, but I haven't found any for the 300-series adapters.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Here is a picture of how it all goes together. The Metz is on the G15 handle with C cells in it. The flash fits on the handle without an adapter. The adapter goes in the 3000C cord and fits on the camera. Simple once you get all the right pieces!

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