Metz CT 60-1 in Manual Mode

Discussion in 'Medium Format' started by - photography, Dec 5, 2002.

  1. I've just bought an used Metz CT 60-1. Unfortunately I didn't got an
    user manual with the flash.

    My problem is: I want to use the flash in manual mode only. But it
    seems that it's just possible to fire the flash with full power.
    Neither rotating the dial on top of the head nor using the slider on
    the back of the handle does affect anything.

    How can I reduce the power in manual mode?
  2. The 60/CT-4 has a switch on the handle indicating M(manual)/A(auto)/and TTL. This switch must be in M-position, then the top dial has an outer ring with an arrow that adjusts the manual output.

    This may be similar to your 60/CT-1
  3. The instruction manual is of little use for these units!I have owned & used ct60's for years & have learned the following.The only adjustment that works on the flash is the distance slider,this controls F stop in auto mode.I dont think there is anyway to control manual mode,it is all or nothing.You could place something over the flash to lower its output(diffuser or ND filt).
  4. Ralf, in manual mode your only controls are the lens f stop settings or changing the ASA setting on the flash. To get less output set the ASA on the flash to a higher number. If you are usind ASA 100 set the flash to ASA 200 or 400 for a one or two stop less light output. Hope this helps you.One other thing, as far as charging the battery; leave the charger on until the red light goes out and then an additional six ( 6 )hours. Regards Peter
  5. Peter - could you clarify : the +6 hrs charging : does that apply to all the battery packs : Drycell, Ni-cad,..?
  6. Battery charging, the +6 hr. charging is for the drycell battery. Sorry for not including the Battery type in my original reply. Peter

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