Metz 60CT4 power pack setting for NiCad vs Dryfit

Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by BeBu Lamar, Jan 2, 2021.

  1. To show that one unit is or is not more powerfull than the other, images that show that both have enough power to handle a given situation say nothing at all. You are comparing the wrong things.

    It's true, though, that for the extra weight and bulk, a CT 60 only provides one stop more than the smaller CT 45.

    Comparisons with small on-camera units usually are biased by zoom-settings. You can put a lens in front of a CT 60 too, and it then will have more reach than most small units at their extremest zoom setting.
  2. Now who's talking incomprehensible BS Chewbacca?
    And if you think you can do better; where are your comparison pictures?
    That's if you even possess a 60 CT-4, or another flash, or any other camera equipment for that matter.
    The nomenclature of neither the 60CT nor the 45CT series mecablitzes reflect their true Guide Number or 'power'. In short, the 60CT series do not demonstrably provide one stop more light than the 45CT series in any practical situation.
    The 'zoom' setting on the SB-28 was manually adjusted to approximate the same coverage as the 60CT-4, and in any case the zoom setting is largely irrelevant when a flash is bounced from a ceiling or wall.
  3. Rodeo Clown, you manage again to post a reply that contains nothing but uninformed nonsense. It is all false.

    Do you not get tired of having to find eays to spin your nonsense by inventing yet more nonsense, just to avoid being caught spouting nonsense, even though you so obviously and blatantly are?
  4. What a *X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#**X&$#* you are Chewbacca. An armchair critic that's never taken a picture in their life by all evidence.

    Just read a few outdated books perhaps?

    Shut up or put up!

    Edit - ooh. The '&#*' auto-censoring interpolation actually put it better than I could.
  5. Now I found that is true but why? When I bounce I said when I bounce to the ceiling the light is going to spread out and I don't need as wide a coverage as direct flash. So I zoom to a longer focal length setting hoping I would get more light on the subject but it seems I don't.
  6. Rodeo, If you want to demonstrate something using pictures, those pictures need to be of that something you want to demonstrate. Yours do not. They only show that in your setup both were able to provide what was needed. Not that there is a situation in which one could while the other could not. As mentioned before. It's not rocket science.

    The Metz CT60 is indeed 1 stop more powerful as the Metz CT45. What you believe and say about that makes no difference. If you think it is demonstrably not so, do demonstrate. (And make sure this time that such a demonstration does demonstrate what is to be demonstrated).

    What the zoom setting of your SB28 was is not important, because the photos do not show that one unit was more powerfull than the other, no matter what.

    Your use of suggested profanity, name calling, and invitation to "shut up" is, well... not to be mistaken for an ad rem reply to matter of fact criticism.
  7. I no longer have a 45 but I do believe the 60 is 1 stop more power than the 45 although both of them are 1 stop short of their specs.

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