Metz 60 CT-4 battery (in Europe)

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  1. Has anyone an idea where a battery for Metz 60 CT-4 could be purcased. Maybe even in Europe?
  2. The 6V Dryfit battery looks discontinued.
    Shops refurbishing proprietary packs with new Ni** cells could weld 5 subCs into your NiCd case. The proprietary Metz charger would be abusive for those, especially NiMh.
    Last time I used mine was with an external PSU.
  3. My dryfit battery went bad. I can't buy replacement either dryfit or Nicad. So I build my own packs. One with 5 sub C NiMh and the other with 4 Li-ion in series and parallel configuration. Both works well. The NiMH one can be charged in the unit via the standard charger. It works but I think not very good for the battery. The Li-Ion has to be charged outside of the unit using a charger designed for it.
  4. Why would they use sub-Cs when full sized C cells fit perfectly comfortably? And that's the size of cell originally fitted by Metz into their NiCd batteries - with room to spare for some foam padding.

    Refurbishing the 60 series NiCd battery packs is relatively easy - as opposed to the 45 series batteries that are a complete Pita to re-cell. The most difficult bit is finding a source of tag-ended C cells at a reasonable price.
  5. Sub C and C cells are the same size. The sub C cells don't have the positive tip thus the overall length is a bit shorter. They also available with tab which the original cells are. Sub C isn't smaller than C cell.
  6. Do these look the same size to you?
    Do your homework BeBu.
    A quick Google would have thrown up a table like this, that shows the sub-C (SC) is 2.5mm less in diameter and 7mm shorter than a C cell.
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